Betsy DeVos' pick for civil rights office has a terrible record on civil rights

She's an opponent of affirmative action and coauthored papers with a famous economist who opposed the Civil Rights Act.

Meet Erin Lahman: Foodie, Moped Junkie, & Pundit Of the Week

As part of a weekly column, one awesome pundit shares personal experiences with the PolicyMic community.

101 Years Later, Milton Friedman is Still Wrong

How long can a society praise base immorality and still expect social cohesion?

European Debt Crisis: Stop Pretending It's Capitalism's Fault

Monday's meeting of euro zone finance ministers agreed on another bailout round for Greece, which raises the question: Why will it be any different this time?

These Bankers Know the Dangers Of Debt, But the Ivory Tower Won't Listen

As it turns out, not all international bankers are complete psychopathic loons. The BIS has come forward with a report that is critical of current monetary policy, causing an academic uproar.

5 Reasons Why Libertarians Are the Hipsters Of U.S. Politics

Oddly, there are many similarities between libertarians in the political world their cultural equivalent: hipsters. That's not a good thing.


Meet the Economists Who Have Explained Every Crisis Of the Last Century (No, Krugman Isn't One Of Them)

Many people mock the Austrian School of Economics as unerious and cultish. And yet, it's the only one that offers a serious explanation of economic crises.

4 Ways Spongebob Promotes Filthy Marxist Class Propaganda

Spongebob has been accused of being gay. But no one knows the sinister truth behind the show.

Paul Krugman vs. Internet Libertarians: Online Battle Breaks Wikipedia Page

The online war between supporters of renowned economist Paul Krugman and those of ‘Austrian Economists’ calls into question the use of Wikipedia for the spreading of information.

Dow Jones 14,000 is Economic Illusion Created By the Federal Reserve

The Dow Jones hit 14,000 on Friday for the first time in five years. Unfortunately this latest rally has been driven by cheap money more than anything else.

End of the World: How Ben Bernanke Will Print Us Into Oblivion

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are working the printing presses into overdrive to ensure Economic Armageddon.

How To Govern A Nation, By A 2,600 Year Old Philosopher

Some 2,600 years ago a brilliant philosopher recognized that peace and voluntarism are the way of great nations, and by letting go our desire for control, human prosperity will flourish.

Ron Paul Birthday Wish List: 5 Gifts Ideas for the Champion of the Liberty Movement

What do you give a man who fathered a political revolution? Here are 5 things that Ron Paul would surely enjoy receiving on his birthday.

Ron Paul Has Built the Foundation Libertarianism For Generations to Come

Paul's public status as the figurehead of libertarianism will soon be gone, but thanks to tthe foundations he laid down the liberty movement will thrive.

Ron Paul Not Quitting: Internet Freedom Will Be the New Revolution

Forget "End the Fed," Ron and son Rand Paul will focus on net neutrality, internet freedom, and the devil known as data collection.

Ron Paul Fights Back Against Banksters, but is Overshadowed By Obamacare and Holder

The Obamacare ruling and the House's contempt vote of A.G. Eric Holder overshadowed Ron Paul's hearing on fractional reserve banking, which gives rise to the gun-running, Big Pharma State.


Ron Paul Has Already Changed the Future of American Politics

Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney doesn't change the fact that Ron Paul won a long time ago. Through spreading the message of liberty, Ron Paul has sparked a revolution of ideas.

Ron Paul Reading List: The Secret Behind Libertarian Success is Hidden in These Books

A "reading list" that summarizes the ethics, economics, and insights of libertarianism.

Ron Paul Won the Paul Krugman Economic Debate, and Here's Why

Ron Paul hauled Krugman behind the woodshed on national television.

Ron Paul is Clearly Wrong: Why Bailouts Work and the Dangers of Libertarian Economics [Satire]

Stimulus packages and bailouts are required to maintain the stability of a society. If the wealthiest and most powerful people in a society make a mistake, it is the responsibility of everyone.

Ron Paul is the Hipster Candidate

Ron Paul was running for president before it was cool!