“The worst ever”: Trump administration environmental policies under attack

Environmental groups and others took aim at the Trump administration this week over wildlife, vehicle emissions, contaminants and the Keystone pipeline.


Lifecycling: Using art to breathe new life into a city

Local creatives give the city of Flint, Michigan, a renewed perspective with public art.

How a Trump rollback of emissions standards would impact the environment

Rescinding Obama-era rules could spell trouble for the climate.

Why Donald Trump promised Ford, GM, Chrysler CEOs he will rein in "out of control" environmentalism

President Donald Trump is promising carmakers he will lighten regulations that protect the environment.

Self-driving cars of 2017: The game-changing vehicles hitting the streets this year

These self-driving cars and technology will hit the streets in 2017.

Donald Trump and Ford: Trump's claim he kept the auto manufacturer in Kentucky is false

Donald Trump implied he helped prevent American manufacturing jobs from moving to Mexico. That is false.

This is What Gas Stations Will Look Like In the Future

Your Toyota Prius will be powered by rabbit ears.

Detroit Bankrupt News: How's It Going For the Motor City?

Detroit has been a hot topic in the news since the auto bailouts, but where is it now, and what does a team from the Obama administration hope to accomplish when they go there this week?

The Case for a Car-Free Future

Automakers spent the past century monopolizing America's transportation infrastructure, at great cost to the public. Here's why it's time for us to fight back.

Lemons For Loans: How to Pay Your Student Loans and Get a Car in One Easy Step

Think of it as Cash for Clunkers, Version 2.0. The plan tackles two problems at once — millennials low rates of car ownership, and high rate of student-loan debt.


Detroit's Bankruptcy Could Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened There

Perhaps this will be the wake-up call that its leaders needed to realize the error of their ways in allowing such fiscal insanity to ensue under their supervision.

Obama vs Romney: Obama Negative Campaigning May Cost Him the Election on Tuesday

The 2012 presidential campaign has proven that Obama is "The Mudslinger-in-Chief."

Latest Presidential Polls: 52 Percent of Women Support Obama, a Key Group Romney is Trying to Steal Away

President Obama and former Governor Romney must think strategically in what messages to convey in the final days before the election and to whom.

President Obama Speech Last Night: Obama Lies About the Auto Bailout

The Obama administration didn't save the auto industry, it damaged it along with several important institutions vital to capitalism's proper functioning.

Obama Ups Fuel Efficiency to 54.5 mpg to Promote Energy Independence: This Could Backfire

Obama administration announces efficiency requirements of 54.5 mpg on new cars and light trucks by 2025, promoting energy independence, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and savings for Americans.


Chrysler Sales Soar, And Americans Clearly Don't Want Fuel Efficiency

Slow compact car sales confirm that Americans prefer gas guzzlers.

Lessons on Rebuilding from Detroit's Auto Industry and Sports Resurgence

Detroit’s auto industry and sports team are on the rise, indicating the value of the bailouts and redistributive outside intervention policies.

The Stimulus Spurred the Revival Of the Auto Industry

There are many debates regarding the effectiveness of the stimulus package, but the U.S. car industry was positively affected, leading to new technological advances.