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Wayne County Medical Examiners Office confirms Chris Cornell's cause of death as suicide by hanging.

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Keith L. Scott was shot 4 times, once in the back, by Charlotte officer, autopsy finds

The family's independent autopsy and the threat of Hurricane Matthew delayed the setting of his funeral arrangements.


No Charges Will Be Filed in Mysterious Death of Kendrick Johnson

Kendrick Johnson was found dead and rolled up in a gym mat at his Valdosta, Georgia, high school in 2013.

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Aaron Alexis, one identified gunman in Washington DC's Navy Yard on Monday, died during a shootout with police.

Trayvon Martin Autopsy: George Zimmerman Trial Again Sensationalized By Media

As nearly 200 pages of previously undisclosed material come to light, we are reminded of how poorly the Zimmerman trial has been treated by both the media and the public.