Ann Coulter goes on unhinged rant after being moved to different seat on Delta flight

Delta told 'Mic' that Coulter was moved to a seat in the same row.


Delta continues to sponsor theater that depicted Julius Caesar as then-President Obama

Though Delta Airlines was quick to pull funding from a production that depicts Donald Trump as Julius Caesar, it didn't do the same for one that depicted Obama that way.

JetBlue allegedly kicked black family off flight over birthday cake

JetBlue won't apologize for removing the family from the flight.

United Airlines flights are noticeably cheaper now, for some reason

Now's the time to get an "apology" deal from United.

What happened with United Airlines? Company faces backlash over man dragged off flight

The backlash against United Airlines on Twitter was full of puns.

Queer rapper Mykki Blanco says she was threatened with arrest for boarding a flight

"This is the most bizarre form of homophobia I have ever encountered," Blanco tweeted.

YouTuber Adam Saleh allegedly removed from Delta flight for speaking Arabic

Delta Airlines said it is conducting a full investigation of the incident.

Cheap Thanksgiving flights: 3 hacks for snagging and saving on airline tickets

Maybe too late for big Thanksgiving savings, but the sweet spot for saving on Christmas plane tickets is soon.

Hurricane Matthew: Airport closures and flight cancellations ahead of Florida landfall

Keep calm and bank on getting a full refund.

Delta Airlines is Showing a Censored Version of Lesbian Romance 'Carol' Without Kissing

"w/o a single kiss, CAROL is a movie about staring," comedian Cameron Esposito joked.

A New Bill Is Going to Make Air Travel More Exasperating Than Ever

Just another day in Washington.

You Won't Find Delta's Latest Perk on Any Other Airline

A big win for creatives

Tropical Storm Chantal Gets Flights Canceled and Changes Cruise Itineries

So you can't fligh out to the Carribean right now but if you are on a cruise ship, have fun escaping the storm.

7 Reasons Flying is Still the Safest Way to Travel

Air travel is the safest method of transportation, despite common fears that prevent passengers from flying. Here are seven reasons why you should not be afraid to take flight.

What Do You Do If Your Flight is Cancelled, or You Miss Your Flight?

Because flight delays are weather-related, you don't have much of a recourse if you miss your flight, or your flight is cancelled. Still, you do have some options.


Indian Government Proves Itself Inept With Aviation Ministry Woes

Current woes of the aviation industry exemplify governance in India today; when it comes to addressing urgent political and social issues, the government renders itself inept on most occasions.

EU's Controversial Carbon Tax on Airlines Highlights the Need for New Climate Change Legislation

The impending trade war triggered by the EU extending its emissions trading scheme to the aviation industry highlights the ineffectiveness of arguments of sovereignty in fighting climate change.

Air Travel Has Changed For the Worse Over the Decade

Until 9/11, flights were enjoyable and travel easy. That has changed in the last 10 years.