The Women of 'Broad City' Just Made Surviving Awkward Holiday Parties Much Easier

When in doubt, raid the medicine cabinet.

5 Things Forever 21 Has Sold That Make Sense Of Their Ayn Rand Muscle Tee

It's not that surprising when you realize Forever 21 has made a business model out of exploiting disadvantaged people for a quick buck.

Ron Paul On Jay Leno: Watch the Tonight Show Interview

Texas Representative Ron Paul discusses his views gun control, the debt crisis, and more.

Labor Day 2013: Don't Celebrate Unions, Celebrate Capitalism

Labor Day is meant to celebrate workers, but we should really be honoring the great system of capitalism.

Ron Paul Racist? Libertarian to Speak At "Anti-Semitic" Conference

Ron Paul's name has become associated with racism once again. The response may just determine the viability of libertarianism as a philosophy and its implications for the Republican Party.

Ron Paul Channel Will Spread the Truth

Libertarian superhero Ron Paul has launched a news website, the What does it mean for a politician to control a news outlet?

5 Famous Americans You Never Knew Were Atheists

A wizard, a soldier, a poet, an astronomer, and an author show why today's God skeptics are in good company.

5 Loners Who Changed the Course Of History

Here is a list of my favorite introverts and loners that have revolutionized the same societies they are slightly unable to cope with.

Pamela Geller and the Jihad Fearwagon Go Into Overdrive

Day seven of the Festival of the right wing's Muslim Bashing and Fear-Mongering Fesitval after the Boston Marathon bombings.

CPAC 2013 Live Update: Conference is More Diverse Than You Might Think

CPAC and the conservative movement tends to get dissed for being homogenous, but it's much more diverse than you think and this year's conference proves it.

Sisyphus, not Atlas

Rand Paul plans to talk for "hours" during John Brennan Senate floor debate.


Ron Paul Supporters Might Turn Out to Be the Biggest Proponents of Equality for Women

Popular libertarian author Stefan Molyneux has said that feminism is "socialism with panties." But the truth is that for millennials, feminism might just be compatible with libertarianism.

Libertarians Need a Little Less Ron Paul, and a Lot More Women

The libertarian movement is a predominately white male political movement. Woman libertarians say their message is strong, but their recruitment stinks.

Hurricane Sandy and Big Government: Forget Ayn Rand, Collectivism Is Keeping New York Prepared

Despite conservative talking points to the contrary, New York's preparation for Hurricane Sandy shows government can be effective in ensuring the public's welfare.

Taylor Swift New Song, Obama Jon Stewart Interview, Felix Baumgartner Jump and the Top Culture Stories This Week

The top PolicyMic culture stories from this week. Taylor Swift's pop sound, Picasso goes black-and-white and "The Walking Dead" lives on.

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Movie: Ayn Rand Objectivism Hits American Cinema at Just the Right Moment

"Atlas Shrugged Part II" hits theaters today. The film can remind America once again what she has lost, and what can happen if she fails to find it again.


VP Debate Drinking Game: Because Biden vs Ryan Debate Is Only Tolerable With Beer Goggles

Joe Biden may only drink non-alcoholic beer, but that doesn't mean he can't show you a good time at the VP debate on Thursday. Here is the VP debate drinking game.

Paul Ryan VP Debate: Ayn Rand, the Woman Behind the Paul Ryan Philosophy

As Paul Ryan gears up for tonight's vice presidential debate, a look at the ideology and ideas behind Ayn Rand, the woman who he credits as "the reason I got involved in public service."

Vice Presidential Debate Time: What VP Joe Biden Should Say to Paul Ryan

Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan will square of in their only debate of the campaign at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

Paul Ryan is That Brutal Guy in Your Fraternity

Paul Ryan does p90X five times a week and can't even pronounce Led Zeppelin. My gut tells me he's a huge tool.

4 Reasons Why Paul Ryan Should Continue to Embrace Ayn Rand

The GOP vice presidential nominee should embrace Objectivism, instead of distancing himself from it.


Ayn Rand Influence Makes Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney the Go Backwards Team

Ayn Rand invigorated Paul Ryan with a belief he has clung to: minimalist government. But how well does his budget reflect that? Will his budget save the economy?

Paul Ryan Budget Plan is Less About Ayn Ryan Than You Think

Paul Ryan is a huge fan of author and social theorist Ayn Rand, at least before being vetted in 2012. Who was Rand and what does she really mean to Ryan?

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Why the New VP is Not As Free Market As We Think

Paul Ryan may be enamored with Ayn Rand's thrillingly capitalist rhetoric, but his voting record tells another story.

Ron Paul, Not Paul Ryan, is the Real Budget Hawk in Congress

Paul Ryan's balanced budget plan would not balance the budget for 30 years.

Oxford Dictionary Adds 35 New Words, But Using Them Coherently Will Not Be Easy

The line between verbal diarrhea and real diarrhea is further blurred.


How Ron Paul Can Make Sure Libertarianism Lives On

Libertarian ideas are growing more popular, but libertarians will have to prioritize and compromise to keep their support.

Ron Paul Appeals to Women, Not Just College-Age White Men

The stereotype of libertarians is they are white, 20-something males. But, a new generation of women are changing all that.

Government Freeloaders Will Determine the 2012 Presidential Election

The same Americans who want smaller government increasingly depend upon governmental assistance. These people will be deciding our political destiny -- and it doesn't look pretty.

As Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Nomination, Ron Paul Marches On to GOP Nomination

Gary Johnson won the Libertarian Party nomination in Las Vegas but that won't change Ron Paul's increasing delegate count and support towards the Republican convention in Tampa.