Chloe Kim, Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earhart all get their own Barbie dolls

Chloe Kim's doll comes with a tiny snowboard.

History-making hijabi Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad is getting her own Barbie doll

As part of Mattel's "sheroes collection," Muhammad is getting her very own doll.

Christian Siriano’s diverse new Barbie collection features nods to Solange, Leslie Jones and more

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If I die, bury me in Zendaya’s pink rhinestone pantsuit

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Amy Schumer had the best response to critics of her casting in the 'Barbie' movie

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Inclusive doll company Lammily wants to bring back wheelchairs for dolls

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Here's what Barbie dolls do to our body image, according to science

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These African Dolls Hold a Powerful Hidden Message for Young Girls of Color

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American Girl Just Introduced a Doll From the Civil Rights Era

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Lady Gaga Is Officially Getting Her Own Doll

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The Internet is a beautiful place.

Two Engineers Have Created the Doll Every Young Girl Should Be Playing With

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