The MTV Movie and TV Awards' gender-neutral acting prizes both went to women

Gender-neutral awards are problematic, but the solution isn't so simple.

Emma Watson FaceTimed with a fan who was studying for an exam

She's encouraging fans to use their brains as often as she can.

The 11 best Disney soundtrack songs of all-time: From 'Pinocchio' to 'Frozen'

It is hard to resist a Disney musical number, and this list proves why.

When will Dan Stevens actually become a star?

Dan Stevens is everywhere in 2017, including in two movies opening Friday, but he's not yet breaking through.

'Power Rangers' will play in Malaysia after announcement of gay character

Many thought the film would receive pushback from a Malaysian censorship committee.

The gay moment in 'Beauty and the Beast' proves the danger of overhype

We'll save any further breath for when Disney finally gives LGBTQ fans true representation on-screen.

7 Disney movies that could be the next live-action remake

Disney won't stop with the live-action remakes after 'Beauty and the Beast'.

What happened to Belle's mom in 'Beauty and the Beast'

The mystery of Belle's mother is explained in the live-action 'Beauty and the Beast.'

James Corden makes a wonderful Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast' sketch for 'Late Late Show'

The 'Beauty and the Beast' cast performed live in the streets of Los Angeles.

'Beauty and the Beast' soundtrack: Here's every song from Disney's live-action movie

Ariana Grande, John Legend and more help bring the fairy tale to life.

Is Emma Watson ditching the corset in 'Beauty and the Beast' as feminist as she thinks it is?

According to the film's costumer, Watson didn't want to portray Belle as a “corseted, impossible idea of female beauty."

Disney live-action remakes ranked best to worst: From 'Cinderella' to 'The Jungle Book'

Not every movie can have Glenn Close or Cate Blanchett.

Is 'Beauty and the Beast' good or bad? What critics are saying about the Disney remake

The movie is receiving mostly positive reviews — but there are complaints.

What will be the next Disney live-action movie? These 4 remakes are in the works.

After the live-action 'Beauty and the Beast,' anything could be possible

Emma Watson, who just can't win, is now getting shit from the Beyhive

Watson tried to defend her photos in 'Vanity Fair,' but now Beyoncé fans are calling her a hypocrite.

Alabama theater won't screen 'Beauty and the Beast' because of so-called "gay moment"

"If I can't sit through a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me then we have no business showing it."

When does the 'Beauty and the Beast' movie come out? Release date, cast and more

The live-action version of the tale as old as time is almost here.

What movies are coming out in March 2017? 7 can't-miss new releases

March will be a pretty epic month for big budget movies.

The original 'Beauty and the Beast' cartoon was a metaphor for AIDS

The 1991 film's lyricist, Howard Ashman, was HIV-positive. He saw himself reflected in the film's material.

'Beauty and the Beast' Movie: Watch Josh Gad and Luke Evans sing "Gaston"

Listen to more of the 'Beauty and the Beast' cast sing.

When does 'Beauty and the Beast' come out in theaters? Watch the final trailer.

Tickets are also available to purchase ahead of the film's release.

Why Emma Watson chose 'Beauty and the Beast' & its "empowering" princess over 'Cinderella'

Emma Watson shares why she said no to starring in 'Cinderella' before being cast in 'Beauty and the Beast.'

This Emma Watson 'Beauty and the Beast'-inspired doll is creeping everyone out

It definitely doesn't look like Watson, but it does look like someone much different.

How does the new 'Beauty and the Beast' compare to the 1991 original?

It's basically the same, but with Emma Watson.


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