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Tax bill passes final vote: What does it mean for you? Your 9 biggest questions answered

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Bill Cosby reportedly considering replacing defense attorney for retrial

Shake-ups ahead for the Cosby retrial?

Bill Cosby publicists insist speaking tour has nothing to do with sexual assault

Ebonee Benson and Andrew Wyatt accused the media of twisting Wyatt's words, when really there is a video record of his announcement.

'Hot Mic' podcast: Bill Cosby trial, Portugal wildfire and Trump’s approval rating

Here are the important stories to get you caught up for Monday.

Bill Cosby's lawyer says it's "unfair" to make ailing comedian stand trial for "age-old accusations"

Brian McMonagle suggested the comedian — whom dozens of women have accused of sexual assault — is the real victim here.

Bill Cosby sexual assault trial: 3 key takeaways from day 5

Prosecution just wrapped up the first week of the Cosby trial. Here's what you should know going into next week.

Bill Cosby's accuser Andrea Constand testifies at trial: "I was frozen."

"I wasn't able to fight in any way," the former Temple University employee testified in court.

First witness in Cosby trial recalls actor checking to ensure she swallowed the pill he gave her

Kelly Johnson said Cosby inspected her mouth to make sure she swallowed a white pill.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott vetoes marijuana legalization bill, returns it to legislature

Scott indicated that his veto was intended to encourage changes in the bill.

How to fight for your money: Barney Frank sounds off on financial reforms that protect consumers

Have you been wronged by a company you do business with? Here's how to fight for your rights.

Local GOP official apologizes after making bizarre argument for denying women equal pay

James Green said giving women equal pay would mean taking wages out of men's pockets and keep women away from the home.

Bill Cosby blackface Halloween costume gets white Arkansas college student expelled

The student's fraternity was suspended by its national leaders, after a photograph surfaced online Friday.

All 3 lawsuits against Kim Davis were just dismissed by a federal judge

"There no longer remains a case or controversy before the Court."

What Would Bill Clinton Be Called if Hillary Clinton Is Elected President?

First Gentleman, First Mate, First ... Dude?

Florida Politicians Offer Condolences After Orlando, Still Won’t Pass Laws to Protect LGBT

These seem especially shameful in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting.


Bill Cosby, Chris Brown and Isis Open Up About the Burden of Having an Infamous Name

"If I change my name, the terrorists win."

Doctor Who's New Companion Is a Woman of Color With Natural Hair

First question: "What's a Dalek?"

5 Reasons Why Being Single in Your 20s Is Awesome

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The Gender Gap Nobody Is Talking About

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How to Make a Meme: Tools You Can Use to Create a Hilarious Viral Image

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Cosby Accusers NBC 'Dateline' Special: Date, Time and What to Expect

"I will keep talking until somebody listens."

Bill Cosby's Attorney Just Revealed How They're Approaching His Defense

It's astonishing and sadly predictable.

An Alleged Bill Cosby Victim Just Nailed Why It Took a Decade for the World to Listen

"In 2015, we have social media. We can't be disappeared. It's online and can never go away."