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What’s the current state of Bill Cosby’s finances?

He was one the highest-paid entertainers in the world. Take a look at how he amassed his fortune, and what is left now.

Bill Cosby is a monster, not a martyr — no matter what his supporters say

The disgraced icon's defenders are trying to turn his conviction into a black-versus-white issue, but that's completely wrongheaded.

Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault retrial

The 81-year-old comedian faced anywhere from probation to 10 years.

Bill Cosby tries to get sexual assault case judge removed days before his sentencing

Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby's wife, argued her husband did not receive a fair trial.

Comedian Amber Ruffin remade classics like ‘Annie Hall’ without the problematic men

"I took all of the classic art made by sketchy dudes and I remade it, so you can enjoy it guilt free."

Camille Cosby can divorce Bill Cosby, but she can’t escape what she’s said in defense of him

According to a recent report — which Bill Cosby's rep later denied — Camille Cosby is distancing herself from her disgraced husband.

The academy has officially expelled Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski

Allegations against Polanski have been public for more than four decades.

Bill Cosby found guilty in sexual assault retrial

The comedian, who was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years for each count.

Here’s everything you missed from week two of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial

Cosby's key witness, Marguerite Jackson, testified this week.

Here’s everything you missed from week one of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial

Testimonies from Andrea Constand, Janice Dickinson and other Cosby accusers.

Bill Cosby’s retrial: What you need to know ahead of the first high-profile trial in the #MeToo era

Here's how Cosby's retrial will be different from the original.

Black Women’s Blueprint is planning justice ride to Pennsylvania ahead of Bill Cosby’s retrial

Black women activists say society must continue to work toward dismantling rape culture.

Tiffany Haddish explains Bill Cosby comments: “I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf”

“I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf,” Haddish said.

Bill Cosby reportedly considering replacing defense attorney for retrial

Shake-ups ahead for the Cosby retrial?

Bill Cosby’s new sexual assault trial has been scheduled for November

Prosecutors pushed for a retrial after a 12-person jury was unable to reach a verdict during Cosby's June trial.

Bill Cosby to appear in court for alleged 1974 assault of 15-year-old girl

Cosby will appear in court on July 30, 2018 for allegedly forcing a teen girl to perform oral sex on him over 40 years ago.

Bill Cosby publicists insist speaking tour has nothing to do with sexual assault

Ebonee Benson and Andrew Wyatt accused the media of twisting Wyatt's words, when really there is a video record of his announcement.

Bill Cosby juror didn't believe Andrea Constand because Constand wore "bare midriff" to Cosby's home

This juror's response to Constand's testimony is victim blaming 101.

10 things you might have recently missed in the movement for social justice

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University of Missouri to revoke Bill Cosby's honorary degree

The president of Mizzou said Cosby's actions were not in line with the university's core beliefs.

Report: Juror in Bill Cosby trial says jury voted 10-2 in favor of conviction

2 jurors prevented the unanimous vote prosecutors needed to convict Bill Cosby of criminal charges, according to an account given to ABC News.

Bill Cosby's lawyers are so confident about his retrial that they might even have him testify

"We never ruled it out. He's a very charismatic and articulate person."

Why did two black-owned networks bring back 'The Cosby Show' amid assault accusations?

Despite the allegations against Bill Cosby, Bounce TV and TV One say viewers still want to see the Huxtables.

'Hot Mic' podcast: Bill Cosby trial, Portugal wildfire and Trump’s approval rating

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Bill Cosby's lawyer says it's "unfair" to make ailing comedian stand trial for "age-old accusations"

Brian McMonagle suggested the comedian — whom dozens of women have accused of sexual assault — is the real victim here.

What's Next for Bill Cosby: Comedian still faces 10 pending civil suits

Women in California and Massachusetts have filed civil suits against the comedian for defamation and sexual battery.