Celebrating Juneteenth with family, food and freedom — and some of America’s best black chefs

The James Beard Foundation's first Juneteenth celebration was organized by 'Top Chef' contestants Chris Scott, Brother Luck, Adrienne Cheatham and Tanya Holland.

We asked you to share your stories of living #WhileBlack. Here are your responses.

In April, Packnett asked you to use the hashtag #WhileBlack and tell stories of when you experienced harm because of the color of your skin.

Meet Mashama Bailey, the first African-American woman nominated for best chef at the Beard Awards

Mashama Bailey is the executive chef at The Grey in Savannah, Georgia.

Black women fueled a grassroots movement in Alabama — and may remake state politics

A massive network of black-led grassroots organizations created a surge in black voter turnout — and put Doug Jones over the top.

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How big is income inequality in the U.S.? Here's what 2017 data suggests about the wealth gap in America.

Why I snatched Caitlyn Jenner’s wig — and why I’m not giving it back

"I’d rather be respected by those living on the margins of society than applauded by those responsible for their disenfranchisement."

Millennial women of color can’t “lean in” when they’ve been left behind by the economic recovery

A decade after the Great Recession, young women of color still face very different economic odds than white peers.

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'Orange Is the New Black': Hacker leaks Netflix drama's fifth season online

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When will 'Orange Is the New Black' season 5 premiere on Netflix?

The fifth season of Netflix's hit show premieres in June.

Fashion brand Missguided comes under fire for what some see as trivializing mental illness

"Mental illness is not a fashion statement."


Lee Daniels on #OscarsSoWhite: "Are we really in this for the awards?"

The Oscar-nominated director is not happy with the industry-changing hashtag campaign.

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