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This Gay Man Is Abstaining From Sex for One Year to Be Able to Donate His Blood

Jay Franzone is abstaining from sex for a year — even though he has a boyfriend — to make a point about the blood ban.

Gay and Bi Men Can't Donate Blood and Apparently Some Congress Members Didn't Know

There's still little hope for a change in the ban on gay and bi men, especially not from a Congress that doesn't know about it..

HIV-Positive Phoenix Man Was Allegedly Struck by His Girlfriend's Car for Revealing Status

The man suffered a fractured vertebra and head injuries.

The Unexpected Way Women and Men Are Using Makeup to Memorialize Orlando’s Fallen

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Chick-fil-A Workers Did the Unexpected in the Wake of the Orlando Tragedy

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After Pulse Nightclub Shooting, Twitter Calls Out Hypocrisy of Ban on Gay Blood Donors

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Hundreds Line Up to Donate Blood in Wake of Pulse Nightclub Massacre

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Internet Legend 7-Year-Old Audrey Is Going Viral for Her DGAF Style

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Zika Virus Claims Its First US Fatality In Puerto Rico

The man was one of 683 confirmed cases in Puerto Rico.


BioViva USA Claims It Can Reverse Your Aging. Here's Why That's Bullsh*t.

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This Billboard Kills Hundreds of Zika Virus Mosquitoes in Brazil With "Sweat"

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Aetna Employees Get Bonuses for Being Well-Rested

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"Monkey Malaria" Is Adapting to Infect Humans, Disease Is Becoming A "Growing Concern"

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