Republican senators break with Trump on Khashoggi, believe Saudi crown prince was behind killing

Unlike Trump, the Republican senators say Saudi Arabia's claim the journalist died in a fistfight are "just not credible."

Republicans suggest they’ll hold Kavanaugh vote if accuser doesn’t testify on sex abuse allegation

Christine Blasey Ford suggested Tuesday she wouldn't testify until the FBI had probed her sexual assault claims against Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Today in Trump’s America: Trump hits the campaign trail to try to save a vulnerable GOP Senate seat

Trump is headed to Tennessee to try to boost GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn's chances in a Senate race that Republicans are struggling to hold on to.

Trump, others express caution for North Korea talks after news of halted nuclear tests

North Korea has made some concessions — but many are still cautious about how their upcoming talks with the U.S. will play out.

How an unpopular tax bill is now on the verge of passage

How Republican senators went from "no" to "yes" on the GOP tax reform bill.

What caused Republicans to hit a snag on their tax bill? Let them tell you

Republicans are furiously trying to revise their tax plan to pass it before the weekend.


Donald Trump believes women — as long as they’re accusing his enemies of wrongdoing

Trump’s response to Lauer, Franken misconduct allegations underscores his history of hypocrisy.

Wave of Congressional Republican retirements leave Democrats with opportunities in 2018

So far, 17 Republicans have announced they are retiring or resigning from Congress without seeking other office. That's far more than the two Democrats who have announced the same.

Trump hits Corker again on Twitter. Corker says he regrets endorsing Trump. How did they get here?

Corker on Trump: "It's unfortunate that our nation finds itself in this place."

Dems may be on the verge of backing a Senate candidate at odds with their own health care agenda

Would Democrats really nominate a Senate candidate who kicked more than 100,000 people off Medicaid in a year when health care is a top priority?

Mic Wakeup: New Harvey Weinstein allegations, NFL anthem dust-up persists and Trump nicknames Corker

Weinstein is accused of sexual assault, the NFL toys with prohibiting anthem protests and Trump goes after Corker again.


‘New York Times’ to Trump: No, we didn’t set up Corker by recording explosive interview

Corker requested that the paper record his Sunday interview, Jonathan Martin of the 'Times' said Tuesday.

Trump continues his feud with “Liddle Bob Corker,” says ‘New York Times’ made him look like a “fool”

The president continues his war of words with the Tennessee Republican.

Kellyanne Conway calls GOP Sen. Bob Corker’s tweets “incredibly irresponsible.”

"I find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible," Conway said.

GOP Senator slams Trump: “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center”

“It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center,” Sen. Bob Corker tweeted. “Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”

Bob Corker is the latest moderate Republican to announce plans to retire from Congress in 2018

Corker has been critical of Donald Trump and joins three House Republicans who have also announced plans to retire next year.


Republicans are offering full-throated denouncements of Trump’s military transgender ban

“Anybody who wants to serve in the military should serve in the military. I don’t agree with the president.”

Senate Republicans are coming closer to repealing Obamacare and replacing it with… Obamacare?

Senate Republicans mull over changes to their health care bill that make it look more and more like Obamacare.

Will the Senate pass the GOP's "Trumpcare" bill? Here's what to expect.

Even Republicans doubt the fate of their own legislative proposal.

Gay and Bi Men Can't Donate Blood and Apparently Some Congress Members Didn't Know

There's still little hope for a change in the ban on gay and bi men, especially not from a Congress that doesn't know about it..

Immigration Reform 2013: Senate Puts Final Polish On Massive Bill Likely to Be Trashed By House

The Senate continues to plow ahead on comprehensive immigration reform, with a full floor vote expected to come as early as this Tuesday. But how will the House react?

Immigration Reform 2013: Inside the Amendment That Might Pass Comprehensive Reform

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The U.S. Hasn't Had a Balanced Budget Since 1929, But That Could Change This Year

Republicans and Democrats are confident that there is enough commonality between the House, Senate, and president to produce a thorough budget plan. The fighting still revolves around taxes.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Gingrich Says Impossible For Hillary to Lose Democratic Nomination

This week's news highlights: Booker is still considering a race against Christie, top Republicans break the no-tax pledge, and George Zimmerman's family goes on the offensive.

Republicans Cave on Bush Tax Cuts in Exchange For Entitlement Reform

GOP Senator Bob Corker admits Republicans should agree to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans, but only to strengthen their position for another debt ceiling fight.


Fiscal Cliff 2013: Obama to Compromise Over Raising Tax Rates

While humbled Republicans claim a deal to prevent the U.S. from falling off the "fiscal cliff" is possible, a top Obama aide hinted the president would cave on raising tax rates.