Net neutrality means not having to pay your internet service provider for a season pass

Data caps and interconnection fees have the potential of hitting gamers the hardest if the FCC removes Title II classification from ISPs.

Net neutrality is in danger — and it could affect your ability to play games online

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's net neutrality crackdown will ruin your internet

We hope you like buffering.


Canada just declared high-speed internet access is fundamental to quality of life

"Access to broadband internet service is vital and a basic telecommunication service all Canadians are entitled to receive"

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Want to Watch Porn? The UK Government Says You Need a Credit Card

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The Internet Is Now a Part of Welfare After FCC Vote

At least it's a start.

Slow Internet Really Does Stress You Out, Says Study

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Verizon Funded a Study Saying Don't Worry, Spying on Customers Is Chill

Nothing to see here, folks.


Google Fiber Cities 2015: When High-Speed Internet Service Is Coming to Your Area

I feel the need ... the need for (super fast Internet) speed.

The FCC Has Voted in Favor of Net Neutrality, Classifying the Internet as a Public Utility

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And the Most Hated Companies in America Are...

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