Police officer who fatally shot Australian woman reportedly identified as Mohamed Noor

Both of the responding officers have reportedly been placed on administrative leave.


Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz charged with murder of 4 men in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

With two in custody, the sprawling investigation over four men's grisly murders has come to an end.

Amelia Earhart took the NYT to task for calling her by her husband’s name — and it worked

The flyer made sure she'd always be remember as Ms. Earhart.

'The Keepers' Update: Petition hopes to shed more light on Sister Cathy Cesnik's death

Viewers want the Baltimore Archdiocese to release files on Father Joseph Maskell.

Sacca of Shark Tank and other tech leaders plead forgiveness after scathing sexual harassment report

Silicon Valley leadership is finally admitting they "have a lot of work to do."

Ava Le'Ray Barrin, 17-year-old transgender girl, killed in Georgia

Barrin, 17, wanted to be a model.

Donald Trump hangs a fake "Time" cover bearing his photo at his golf courses

The 'Washington Post' reported that the cover appears at at least four of his courses.

No, James Comey did not make an incognito visit to the 'New York Times'

Comey was attending a charity event to benefit foster children at another company.

Philando Castile dashcam video released after Officer Jeronimo Yanez acquitted

Yanez was found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter.

Charleena Lyles was shot dead by Seattle police — after calling 911 for help

Police said the officers who responded to Lyles' call for help were told that she was a "hazard" before they arrived.

Oculus founder reportedly developing a virtual border wall

Palmer Luckey is hoping for a tech comeback by developing a virtual border wall for President Donald Trump.


Hours before London attack, ISIS reportedly used app to call for knife and truck attacks

ISIS reportedly sent a message using the Telegram app.

The 'New York Times' is getting rid of its public editor position

Liz Spayd's last day at the Gray Lady is Friday.

Attorneys for officer who shot Philando Castile will argue smoking weed led to his death

A judge refused to let them bring up Castile's criminal record during trial.

Harry Styles 'Sign of the Times' lyrics: An explainer of the song and music video

The singer's first single has a deeper political meaning.

Mic adds three veterans of Breaking News, Spin & Politico to newsroom in news, entertainment & media

Stephanie Clary, Kyle McGovern and Kelsey Sutton will help expand news, entertainment and media coverage.

Muslim teen Amaiya Zafar can now compete in USA Boxing matches while wearing her hijab

Amaiya Zafar won her biggest fight and she hasn't even stepped in the ring yet.

Madeleine McCann Update: What Sunday's documentary will reveal about missing British girl

To date, not a single lead, sighting nor piece of evidence has resulted in any substantial breakthrough.

The original Tamagotchi is coming back. Sound the alarms, millennials.

Starve your Tamagotchi to death in your backpack all over again.

Melania Trump "Escort" Lawsuit Update: 'Daily Mail' settles for $2.9 million

The tabloid also apologized to the first lady for false claims about her modeling career.

Stockholm truck attack: Authorities arrest second suspect

Four people were killed and at least 15 were injured in the Stockholm truck attack.


Equinox Fitness Club shooting leaves one dead, two injured

Witnesses said the incident appeared to be a workplace dispute gone wrong rather than an attempted mass shooting.

What are blennies? Meet the predator fish who might carry the next opioid drug.

The two-inch long fish defend themselves with a powerful opioid-filled venom.

Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon have some thoughts on that 'Daily Mail' "Legs-it" cover

While Theresa May dismissed the 'Daily Mail' cover as "a bit of fun," Nicola Sturgeon came out more strongly against it.

Sexist 'Daily Mail' cover wonders which female UK leader "won Legs-it"

The British tabloid featured a photo of British PM Theresa May and Scottish FM Nicola Sturgeon in skirt suits.

Gay veterans group OutVets allowed to march in South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

Under heavy pressure from local politicians, parade organizers reversed a ban on the group's participation.

Steve Bannon is under "criminal" investigation for voter registration fraud

Bannon may have fraudulently registered to vote at a now-abandoned house in Florida with an acid-ruined bathtub.

Biloxi, Mississippi, Bus Crash: Train hits charter bus, leaving at least 4 dead

Multiple fatalities and injuries have been sustained after a train crashed into a charter bus in Biloxi, Mississippi.