Gina Haspel’s torture record is being used as a defense in the 9/11 case — and it just might work

The CIA torture program has become the crux of the oft-forgotten, decade-old criminal prosecution being tried in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: the 9/11 case.


Sen. Rand Paul says he’ll oppose Gina Haspel’s nomination despite retracted torture charge

The Kentucky senator remains opposed to Haspel's nomination despite a retraction of the most damning charge against her.

Unreliable sources: A look at the worst media moments this week

Here’s a look at some of the more cringe-worthy takes and media mistakes from this week.

Judge greenlights lawsuit against two psychologists responsible for CIA’s use of waterboarding

The former military psychologists made more than $81 million with their torture tactics.

Report: Trump tried to have top intel officials shut down Comey's Russia investigation

Trump asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to intervene in the FBI inquiry, the 'Washington Post' reported.

NSA Document Leak: What to know about Reality Winner and the secret Russia report

Here's what you need to know.

Watchdogs are suing to find out how Donald Trump tried to stall the FBI's Russia probe

Protect Democracy says the public has a right to know about alleged Trump strongarming.

Former CIA director says he knew about contacts between Trump's campaign and Russia

John Brennan also says he worried about U.S. contacts with Russian officials.

China caught 18 to 20 CIA spies in huge breach, killing at least a dozen

One of the spies was executed by gunshot in front of colleagues, the 'New York Times' reported.

Hackers used stolen NSA methods in massive, worldwide ransomware attack

The virus spread to over 150 nations and was only stopped when a 22-year-old researcher accidentally found its "kill switch."

Remember the Russia investigation? Here's what's been happening.

The latest updates on the government's multiple investigations into Trump's Russian ties.

Today in Trump Russia News: A GOP rep implied that Flynn may have broken the law

And the Senate Intelligence Committee doesn't appear to be doing any work.

CIA and FBI manhunt underway for "insider" who gave documents to WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks said the material showed U.S. intelligence was hacking into smart phones and TVs.

Today in Trump-Russia News: Carter Page surveilled under suspicion he was a foreign agent

Plus: More Manafort revelations and Nunes is debunked again.

Carter Page: How the Trump adviser fits into the FBI's Russia investigation

Page is reportedly the only American to be "targeted" by a FISA warrant in connection with the investigation into the 2016 election.

Mike Pence is suddenly worried about that expansive surveillance state he helped create

He says Americans have a "right to know" about the surveillance of private citizens. But he's ignoring one crucial detail.


Who is Joaquin Castro? Texas Rep. says Russia probe may land Trump associates in jail

Joaquin Castro serves on the House intelligence committee.

Trump-Russia news you might've missed: Susan Rice fires back over leaking allegations

And a Trump campaign adviser reveals he was duped by Russian spies.

What is "unmasking"? How Susan Rice ended up at the center of Trump team's Obama wire-tapping claims

The controversial National Security Adviser under President Barack Obama is making headlines again. But does it really make sense this time?

Today in Trump-Russia news: The intel is coming from inside the house — the White House

And Trump now wants to bring in the intelligence committee heads for a meeting.

Report: White House officials helped give Nunes intelligence on Trump surveillance

The report all but confirms the speculation that Nunes is working with the same White House he's supposed to be investigating.

The latest Russia election bombshell totally destroys Trump's Obama wiretap claims

A new report alleges James Comey tried to break the Russia story, but Obama officials shut him down.

Today in Trump-Russia news: The Trump administration tries to silence key testimony

And Rep. Devin Nunes faces mounting calls to step down from the investigation.

Today in Trump-Russia News: Paul Manafort will testify before Congress

Bernie Sanders wants to know what the Russians have on Trump — and more.

Trump Tower Wiretapping: Devin Nunes explicitly states that Trump wasn't wiretapped

Nunes is now saying Trump Tower was never wiretapped.

Paul Manafort will testify on Russia before House Intelligence Committee

Manafort offered to testify before the House Intelligence Committee in its Russia investigation.

Today in Trump-Russia News: Report says FBI has possibly damning intel on Trump associates

Trump associates allegedly coordinated with Russians, McCain wants a select committee and Nunes' story gets stranger.

Today in Trump-Russia News: Paul Manafort reportedly worked on behalf of Russian interests

Here are the past 24 hours in Trump-Russia news.

Despite what you've heard, Signal and WhatsApp haven't been compromised.... yet

Recent coverage of WikiLeaks' CIA hack isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Travel like a spy with these 5 CIA traveler tips divulged by WikiLeaks

Fly like a US intelligence agent with advice on avoiding airport security pat downs and more.