This Week in Food and Travel: 6 scuba trips you’ll want to book immediately

From Indonesia to Mexico to Madagascar and more.

Feds warn against Russian interference as voters go to polls

The Trump administration has been criticized for not doing enough to secure future U.S. elections.

Report: China, Russia listening in on Trump’s calls to Fox News hosts and other outside confidantes

Trump has reportedly continued using private cell phones — despite those lines not being secure.

Now that China won’t take Americans’ plastic waste, the U.S. is in the midst of a trash crisis

Cities all over the country are experiencing rising costs and are considering dropping plastic-recycling programs altogether.

This Week in Politics: Kavanaugh joins the Supreme Court, Rod Rosenstein meets with lawmakers

Brett Kavanaugh will hear the first cases of his Supreme Court tenure this week, while Rod Rosenstein will meet with House lawmakers — and potentially Donald Trump.

Food and Politics: Trump’s trade war could actually benefit US food banks

The Department of Agriculture agreed to purchase and donate $1.2 billion in fruits, beef and other commodities for food banks and pantries.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Rosenstein keeps his job — for now

Trump pushes his meeting with Rosenstein so as not to "interfere" with the Kavanaugh sexual assault hearing.

“They don’t want me or us to win”: Trump warns China against meddling in midterm elections

Trump blasts China for "attempting to interfere" in midterms, but he has been reluctant to do the same in response to Russia's ongoing meddling.

Trump blasts Iran at United Nations, promises additional sanctions

"Iran's leaders plunder the nations' resources to enrich themselves and spread mayhem," Trump claimed.

John Bolton claims there’s “concern” 3 countries besides Russia are meddling in elections

Bolton claimed Sunday China, North Korea and Iran could also be attempting to interfere in the November midterms.

Why Sichuan food simply doesn’t taste the same in the US

The magical Sichuan peppercorn makes the spiciest food in the world impossible to replicate in America.

Hong Kong now grants visas to same-sex expat couples — but doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage

Hong Kong's top court ruled that the same-sex spouses of working expats will now be able to get a visa to live in the semiautonomous city.

Trump: Abortion “could very well end up with the states at some point”

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump suggested his Supreme Court pick could overturn 'Roe v. Wade' and praised Kim Jong Un while criticizing the European Union and Democrats.

China is no longer taking our trash. Now, Americans can expect heaping piles of displaced garbage.

The United States has a whole lot of trash and no place to put it. Now, scientists are trying to figure out how disastrous that could be.

Trump slaps tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese technology goods

Economists have warned that Trump’s trade war could threaten the booming economy.

Providence has become an unlikely destination for exciting Chinese food

From barbecued skewers to mutton-and-squid dan dan noodles, the food in this college town goes beyond American perceptions of Chinese cuisine.

How North Korea got its nuclear weapons in the first place

North Korea has had some help in its decades-long quest for nuclear weapons.

Why you should travel 15 hours to China to hang out with pandas

Millions visit the Chengdu panda research base every year to see the cuddly creatures — and with direct flights, it's now a lot easier for Americans to get there.

Trump’s trade war could hurt the very voters who put him in the White House

While Trump has said trade wars are “good, and easy to win,” experts say the trade war would directly hurt the very voters who helped fuel Trump’s presidential victory.

Dropbox IPO kicks off — and 7 other money stories you may have missed this week

Dropbox stock is now trading publicly, but there's plenty more investor and consumer news that affect your money from this week. Here's what to know about tariffs, data leaks, recalls and more.


As China abolishes term limits, Xi Jinping takes on risk in potential lifetime presidency

Trump has praised the Chinese leader, whose potential lifetime rule has sparked criticism from those in China and abroad.

Trump trade war fears rattle Dow, beer buyers — and 5 more news stories affecting your money

Here's the latest on the Equifax hack, Spotify's initial public offering and all the other business news you probably missed this week.

How LiAngelo Ball fell into Donald Trump’s race trap

Donald Trump has found new clout with his base by framing black athletes as ingrates. These three UCLA basketball players fell right into his hands.

A running list of all the disasters plaguing the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry are already out.

“No whole fish with the heads still on”: Trump gets ready for important Asia tour as only Trump can

North Korea imbroglio will take center stage as the president heads out on another trip abroad.

Bitcoin price today hit a new high: What the news means, and whether mining or investing makes sense

Everything to know about bitcoin price history, and news analysis of why the cryptocurrency has climbed so quickly: Nations and banks are opening up, but risks remain.

Trump once again lashes out at North Korea following nation’s latest nuclear test

Trump took to Twitter after North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test yet.

Here’s what Trump is trying to achieve by tweeting about China-North Korea trade

The president is cherry-picking trade data to apply pressure to China.

China may have achieved a seemingly impossible renewable energy goal, putting the US to shame

For seven days straight, China says it powered an entire province using only non-fossil energy sources.