McDonald’s could change the coffee industry as we know it

When McDonald's makes climate change a corporate issue, the rest of the industry has no choice but to follow suit.

Today in Trump’s America: Nancy Pelosi faces key speakership test amid ouster chatter

There’s been a lot of chatter from a group of moderate Democrats who want to oust Nancy Pelosi from her leadership spot and put in a new leader. Their quest, however, has been a mess.

Mic Daily: Mexico now denies deal with US on immigration

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

A “Green New Deal”? How Democrats are planning to address climate change after stark report

Leading House Democrats are already planning to hold hearings on climate change, while progressives are pushing an even more ambitious agenda.

Today in Trump’s America: US fires tear gas at migrants, including children and toddlers

United States officials launched tear gas at members of the migrant caravan — including toddlers — who had made it to the San Ysidro border crossing between Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego.

California Gov. Jerry Brown: Climate skeptics “will be believers” within 5 years as wildfires rage

The governor's comments come after Trump suggested "raking" could prevent the deadly fires.

Trump visits California amid historic wildfires

Trump had been slammed for blaming the severity of the deadly blazes on "gross mismanagement of the forests" by state officials.

Judge blocks Trump administration’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline

The court found that the Trump administration had "simply discarded" facts about climate change to justify approving the pipeline.

This Week in Politics: Trump goes on last-minute rally blitz as midterm campaigns enter final days

The midterms will enter their final push this week, while the Trump administration and Supreme Court potentially make major announcements on immigration and climate change.

Outdoor enthusiasts file climate change lawsuit against Trump administration

The plaintiffs claim the government's failure to stop climate change infringes on their constitutional right to be left alone.

Supreme Court temporarily stops youth climate change lawsuit against Trump administration

Chief Justice Roberts issued a temporary stay on the case, which holds the federal government accountable for its role in exacerbating climate change.

After dire report, Trump administration makes moves that could negatively affect the climate

The Trump administration is downplaying a startling new climate report — and continuing to take steps that could worsen climate change.

The UN report shows how dire the climate crisis has become. Trump still doesn’t care.

Trump said he wants to know who "drew" the U.N.'s grave, 700-page report on global warming.

How US cities and states plan to push back against the Trump administration on climate change

Cities and states made bold commitments to fighting climate change during the California summit — but even more needs to be done.

This Week in Food and Travel: Kal Penn wants you to try the vegetarian burger that “bleeds”

White Castle's Impossible Burger, adult summer camps, why Europe's about to experience a potato chip shortage and more.

As Hurricane Florence approaches, Rush Limbaugh spouts conspiracy theories about climate change

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is once again spouting fake and dangerous conspiracy theories that hurricane forecasting is an attempt by liberals to get the public to believe in climate change.

A potato chip shortage is “extremely likely” in Europe because of record high temperatures

High temperatures and dry weather are expected to wreak havoc on Europe's potato chip supply.

This Week in Politics: Voters will choose Cuomo or Nixon, and Kavanaugh could be confirmed

The 2018 primary elections will come to an end this week while Congress moves forward on spending bills and Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t an anonymous op-ed

From the new National Security Council appointee who believes carbon is actually good to Jeff Sessions' threat to Silicon Valley, here are the stories you may have missed this week.

Movement Must-Reads: Aretha Franklin, Gullah cuisine and Marlene Gebhard’s painful evolution on race

Plus, the impact of natural disasters on the American racial wealth gap.

How the Trump administration is taking more steps to weaken environmental regulations

The Trump administration is continuing its assault on the environment through recent actions on fuel efficiency, coal and the Endangered Species Act.

Mic Daily: FBI has a tape of Cohen and Trump, Disney fires James Gunn and more

Mic Daily brings you a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Judge dismisses New York City’s climate change lawsuit against oil and gas companies

The judge said that climate change efforts shouldn't be decided by the courts — but the NYC lawsuit is one of many trying to force government and corporate action on climate change.

“The worst ever”: Trump administration environmental policies under attack

Environmental groups and others took aim at the Trump administration this week over wildlife, vehicle emissions, contaminants and the Keystone pipeline.

17 states sue Trump administration over attempt to roll back vehicle emissions standards

States are taking action on climate change and the environment — and being held accountable by their citizens.

Scott Pruitt’s future at the EPA is in doubt, but he’s made a lasting mark on the environment

Even if Pruitt’s tenure comes to an end, the decisions he’s already made at the EPA will have a lasting impact on climate.

Squaw Valley ski resort uses Tesla batteries to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows was recently named the official training site for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.

Saving the planet isn’t as simple as going vegan

It won't necessarily save your body, either.

The secret ingredient at this Brooklyn restaurant? Food that’s normally considered garbage

Food waste flavors everything at Reynard's, from beef-fat potatoes to oven-roasted tomatoes.