Did Demi Lovato plagiarize "Stars"? Sleigh Bells sue singer for copyright infringement

The pop-punk duo blasted Demi Lovato on Twitter shortly after the song came out.

Ed Sheeran Accused of Stealing "Thinking Out Loud" From Marvin Gaye's "Let’s Get It On"

This is the second high profile copyright lawsuit Sheeran faces this year.

Here Are the Memes Axl Rose Is Trying to Get Google to Take Down

The Guns N' Roses frontman has demanded Google take down unbecoming images of him.

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Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

There's a Problem With Tumblr GIF Porn That We Don't Talk About

It may be sexy. But it's not necessarily ethical.

Hacker Charged After Allgedly Trying to Sell Celeb Sex Tapes, TV Show Scripts

The hacker could serve up to ten years behind bars.


Cara Delevingne "The Future Is Female" Shirt: Price, Where to Buy, Meaning and Controversy

The feminist slogan was originated in 1972.

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Don't mess with Californians' favorite burger.

Meet the Woman Who Makes Porn GIFs for a Living

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This Woman Was Unknowingly Filmed While Having Sex — And Her Response is Amazing

"I don't see why I should get bashed for it when the guys don't get bashed for it."

This Pirated TV Network With 500 Channels Just Declared War on Cable

There's nothing networks can do to stop it.

This Artist Took Someone Else's Instagram Photo — And Sold It for $90,000

How is this legal? Because on the Internet, you don't own sh*t.

The Wild "Blurred Lines" Trial Proves One Essential Truth About Music

The unexpected deepness of "Blurred Lines."

America Could Learn a Lot From How Japan Listens to Music

While the U.S. music scene is dying, something remarkable is happening in Japan.

The MPAA is Turning to Elementary Schools to Win the Anti-Piracy Fight

The Motion Picture Association of America, the RIAA, and Internet service providers are rallying together to support a new initiative to educate elementary school students about digital piracy.

Why IsoHunt's Shut Down Won't Affect the Movie Industry

The death of IsoHunt is only a temporary defeat for file-sharing services and their fans.

These 5 Videos Could Soon Be Illegal

An Obama administration task force has recommended reviving a provision of SOPA that would make online streaming and sharing of copyrighted material a felony. Here's what you need to know.

Bill C-11: Canadian Pirates Are Walking the Plank, But It's Not Exactly a Terrifying Drop

A case going before the courts regarding illegal file sharing may set precedent for litigation of those who like to download illegally, but bill C-11 means damages will be limited to $5000 max.

3 Ways 3D Printing Anxiety Resurrects Unfounded Fears From 2D Printing

In the hope of stopping crime before it happens, politicians want to ban offensive 3D models from the Internet. Similar fears of 2D printing caused a flurry of laws that has impacted tech before.

Pirate Bay Documentary Online: Film Puts Copyright Infringement and Internet Freedom in the Spotlight

The Pirate Bay documentary, being released online on Friday, follows the founders of the famous file sharing site as they fight an uphill battle against Hollywood and Swedish authorities.

Mega, Kim Dotcom's Successor to Megaupload, Launches to Huge Initial Success

Kim Dotcom is facing massive charges of violating international anti-piracy laws with Megaupload. But he isn't going down without a fight, or launching a successor - the newly formed Mega.

Kim Dotcom Launches MegaUpload Successor, Looks For a Fight

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom has a message for U.S. authorities seeking his extradition: He's not going down without a fight - or without exposing what he says is their corrupt prosecution.

World of Warcraft Theme Park: Copyright Infringement Means Nothing Internationally

As the latest theme park shows us, there is no such thing as a copyright in the international market.

Internet Freedom: Republicans in Congress Are Secret Copyright Reform Heroes

Republicans are generally among the worst when it comes to copyright law and intellectual property monopolies, but a new white paper challenges this idea. Will the GOP spearhead copyright reform?

Max Hell Frog Warrior: What A Web Review of a Z List Movie Tells Us about Internet Freedom

The curious case of Obscurus Lupa demonstrates that the internet community must protect the rights of critics and artists, and be vigilant of those who would suppress them.

Illegal Downloading: Minnesota Woman Owes 222K For Copyright Infringement, Says Judge

Having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for downloading music is quite the killjoy.

Why Internet Piracy May Actually Benefit America

The pirating of online content is not a form of stealing, and is actually a great benefit to individuals' wallets and liberties.