Why is China Building Mega-Cities in the U.S.?

China is in the midst of a buying binge of American interests. Is this a sign of a Chinese 'take over'? Or simply a country bit by the recession looking for portfolio diversification?

SOPA and PIPA Will Not Stop Internet Piracy, Business Solutions Will

SOPA and PIPA got internet juggernauts in a tizzy, but internet piracy is not new. Stopping piracy requires an economic, not a legislative, fix.

Dept of Justice Shutdown of Megaupload Shows Why SOPA and PIPA Should be Defeated

The DOJ's shutdown of the online file sharing website buttresses arguments that the SOPA and PIPA bills are superfluous and overreaching.

SOPA and PIPA Help Eliminate Online Piracy, But Dangerously Slow Innovation

Censorship is never the answer. Freedom of speech and expression are necessary cornerstones of our society, and extinguishing these would only stunt intellectual progress.

SOPA: Why Anti-Piracy Laws Would Result In The Death Of The Internet As We Know It

SOPA only protects the interests of copyright giants, a small portion of overall internet flow, with little or no regard to the basic freedoms of the internet.

Internet Piracy is Not the Problem: It's Time To Eliminate Intellectual Property

Intellectual property harms consumers and stifles innovation, so let's get rid of it.


Stop Online Piracy Act Will Crush Internet Innovation

SOPA will lead to government censorship of the internet, as well as create an environment of decreased innovation.

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