Tax bill passes final vote: What does it mean for you? Your 9 biggest questions answered

Tax calculator seeming handy right now? Don't stress: Here's what's in the tax reform bill passed by House and Senate, when President Donald Trump could sign it and how your taxes could change.

Trump plan would hike taxes by billions in his hometown, New York's top financial watchdog says

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer forecasts a median $2,200 jump in tax costs per household.

One of the biggest obstacles to Trump’s proposed budget: Trump’s proposed tax plan

Trump is counting revenues from taxes he promised to eliminate.

Will the middle class pay more under Trump’s tax plan? The White House refuses to say.

Trump billed his tax plan as the biggest tax cut in history, but there's no word that it will help the middle class.

President Trump's tax plan will really help taxpayer Trump

Trump's new tax plan may save him tens of millions of dollars.

Donald Trump proposes cutting corporate tax rate by nearly 60%

Steve Mnuchin, Trump's treasury secretary, says the huge tax cut would "pay for itself."

What happens if you miss the 2017 tax filing deadline? Don't stress — here's what to do.

What happens if you missed the tax filing deadline? It's not too late to send in your return.

Save big on taxes in 2017 with tips from a CPA — and learn how Trump’s tax plan will affect you

In the latest episode of the Payoff podcast, we solve a big tax mystery for host Antonia Cereijido.

What is the AMT? Here's why Donald Trump owed a $31 million alternative minimum tax bill

What is the AMT? Here is why Donald Trump owed the alternative minimum tax.

Trump supports getting rid of the alternative minimum tax. Now we know why.

He would have paid only $5.3 million in taxes in 2005 if the AMT didn't exist.

Trump paid $38 million tax on $153 million income in 2005, report and White House say

Trump paid about 25% of his income in federal taxes, according to documents released by MSNBC.

Get richer this tax season: 10 easy ways millennials can maximize refunds and avoid costly mistakes

Use these tips to help maximize your tax refund in 2017.

What is a border adjustment tax? How the GOP might fund the Mexico wall — and what it means for you

The 20% tax floated yesterday might not hurt consumers — at least not in the way we thought. Maybe in a different way.

House Speaker Paul Ryan's tax cut plan is heaven for big businesses

Paul Ryan wants to lower the tax rate and give other incentives to corporations.

When to start saving for college: How to choose and understand 529 plans

Here's what you need to know about opening a 529 plan for your child — and what to do if he or she doesn't go to college.

General Motors tops list of S&P 100 companies that pay the least in taxes

Did General Motors and Chevron pay less in 2015 taxes than you?

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and other big tech companies top list of tax-avoiders

Think Wall Street has the most money stashed overseas? Think again.

Donald Trump is right. The system is "rigged" — for people like him.

And despite promises to the contrary, he seems to have little interest in fixing it.

This is why Donald Trump won't release his taxes, according to Hillary Clinton

Charges flew in the first general election debate.

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The GOP nominee says he wants Sanders' supporters — but his policies will hardly make their hearts Bern.

Donald Trump: My Administration Will Hike Taxes on the Rich

The presumptive GOP nominee goes after another sacred cow.

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When's Tax Day this year? We've got the info.

Tax Day 2016 Extension: How to Get More Time on Your Taxes When You Just Can't Be Bothered

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Dwight D. Eisenhower: His Tax Plan and Bernie Sanders' Socialist Comments

Let's talk about the tax plan in question.

Donald Trump's Tax Plan Calls for Enormous Cuts for Corporations and the Rich

The plan, as Trump might say, is "yuge."