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Sessions just made it easier for police to take your money — and buy luxury cars with it

In another reversal of Obama Administration policy, the attorney general is bringing back civil asset forfeiture, which can be used against legal marijuana businesses (and everyone else).

June 27, 2017

3 of the Central Park 5 men just received honorary high school diplomas

All of the men in the Central Park Five will receive the diplomas they were denied after their wrongful convictions as teenagers.
March 3, 2017

Yes, Kalief Browder's story should make us love. But it should also make us angry.

A new documentary about Kalief Browder's life asks tough questions.
Feb. 14, 2017

Here's what private prisons stand to gain from Trump's criminal justice agenda

CoreCivic, the world’s largest private prison company, saw its stock jump 40% the day after Trump's election.
Jan. 25, 2017

Why James Comey is just perfect to run Donald Trump’s FBI

Comey's views on racial bias in policing fit in with Trump's dog-whistle push for "law and order."
Sept. 29, 2016

Fewer Americans support the death penalty than at any point in more than 40 years

Are the major-party candidates out of step with the voters?

Sept. 22, 2016

Racism, media bias caused gay man Bayna El-Amin's 9-year prison sentence, advocates say

"This happens to queer black people all the time. Communities are being railroaded into jail."
Sept. 9, 2016

Despite its intentions, 'The Night Of' has a serious representation problem

The show has positioned itself as a nuanced story on the Pakistani-American experience. Here's where it went wrong.
Aug. 22, 2016

"Banning the box" may have unintended consequences, thanks to racist employers

Banning the box may have depressing side effects.
Aug. 18, 2016

Stocks of private prison companies are tanking after the Justice Department's announcement

Tough day for the for-profit prison industry.
July 29, 2016

The DNC Was a Pageant of Diversity. But Can People of Color Really Trust the Democrats?

Does the "lesser of two evils" trump a sordid history of violence against people of color?

July 8, 2016
July 1, 2016

7 ways black people still aren't free in America

"What to the slave is the 4th of July?"
June 9, 2016

Woke Beyoncé Greets Trayvon Martin's Family at Her World Tour Concert

During her Formation World Tour concert in New York City, Beyonce checked in with Trayvon Martin's family.
May 25, 2016

One Statistic Shows Yet Another Problem With Incarceration in America

But it's not happening for obvious reasons.
May 23, 2016

We Now Have Definitive Proof that U.S. Courts Are Racist

For years, we've been worried about this. Now we have answers.
May 5, 2016

The End of Prison Visitation Is Tearing Families Apart

This is the prison industrial complex you've never heard of.
April 26, 2016

Officer's Racist Texts Prove Bias on the Force Is Not Just a White Thing

The Cantonese-American police officer allegedly sent text messages that included epithets against blacks, Latinos and Indians.

April 19, 2016
Jan. 28, 2016

Brendan Dassey's Lawyer Is Fighting the Conviction of Tyra Patterson

She's been imprisoned for 21 years.
Oct. 30, 2015
Oct. 28, 2015

Bernie Just Took the Boldest Stance on Marijuana of Any Candidate Yet

Bernie Sanders has a nationwide plan for Marijuana.

Oct. 1, 2015

The Senate Just Took a Huge Step on Criminal Justice Reform

This is a historic development.
April 9, 2015

Two Separate Judges Just Revealed a Disturbing Problem With the Justice System

Is this really what justice in America looks like?
Feb. 27, 2015

Liberals and Libertarians Are Coming Together to Fix the US Criminal Justice System

An emerging consensus shows promise for much-needed reform.
Feb. 24, 2015

The Horrifying Truth of Life in Solitary Confinement, From People Who Lived It

Their lives matter, and their stories deserve to be heard.