A CNN reporter says a State Department official demanded she disclose her sources

"This is how your government responds to unfavorable news coverage."

It's On Us "Autocorrect" PSA translates casual conversation to reveal rape culture

Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted the sexual assault PSA to make a point about nonconsensual sex.

Today in Trump-Russia News: Paul Manafort reportedly worked on behalf of Russian interests

Here are the past 24 hours in Trump-Russia news.

SEC's ongoing Exxon Mobil probe a thorn for CEO and secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson

Donald Trump's secretary of state pick, Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, has more to worry about than Russia.

Joe Biden gives America a pep talk and discusses potential 2020 bid with Stephen Colbert

"What I've learned a long, long time ago, Stephen, is to never say never."

Backlash is rising against Donald Trump’s unprecedented business conflicts of interest

Here's everything you need to know about Donald Trump's business conflicts of interest.

Stephen Colbert gives Newt Gingrich ’the talk’ after disastrous Megyn Kelly interview

"Newt, sweetheart, you’re growing up so fast. In fact, you're 73."

Donald Trump says he'd love to take Joe Biden to "the back of the barn"

Maybe not the best choice of words.

Joe Biden excoriates Trump for comments on veterans and PTSD: "This is an ignorant man"

"Where in the hell is he from?" the vice president asks.

Joe Biden is making a cameo on 'Law & Order: SVU' to talk about rape kit backlogs

Biden has teamed up with 'SVU' actress Mariska Hargitay before to advocate for sexual assault victims.

Donald Trump's worst enemy at the debate wasn't Hillary Clinton — it was the split screen

Here's how it tripped up the GOP nominee.


Mike Pence reveals his role model for the vice presidency is Dick Cheney

More chilling words have rarely been spoken.

Stanford rape case judge will no longer hear criminal cases, per report

Judge Aaron Persky, who presided over the Stanford rape case, will no longer hear criminal cases at his own request.

Loretta Lynch and Joe Biden Call For Healing at Baton Rouge Police Officers Vigil

Vice President Joe Biden told mourners that their healing must not be a "black and white" thing.

GOP Convention 2016 Day 3: Speakers, Start Time, How to Watch and More

Here's what you need to know about day three of the RNC.

Samantha Bee Tries to Make Sense of the 2016 RNC Chaos on 'Full Frontal'

The only good news? Indiana would no longer have Mike Pence as governor.

See If You Can Spot Why the Internet Is Making Fun of the Trump-Pence Campaign Logo

The new logo had Twitter users' minds in the gutter.

George W. Bush's Dance Moves Lit Up Social Media — But His Words Are Most Important

"At our best, we practice empathy, imagining ourselves in the lives and circumstances of others."

Will Mike Pence Be Donald Trump's VP? Speculation Grows After Meeting in Indiana

Donald Trump met with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence at Pence's Indiana residence Wednesday morning.

Will Newt Gingrich Be Trump's VP? Speculation Rises After Fox News, Gingrich Cut Ties

Fox News ends Newt Gingrich's contract, generating buzz that he could be Donald Trump's running mate.

Who Will Donald Trump Pick as His Vice President? Here Are Our 100% Accurate Predictions

Mike Pence? Newt Gingrich? Sure!

Newt Gingrich Says White People "Don't Understand Being Black In America"

Newt Gingrich just dropped the most woke statement from Republicans in a long time.

Donald Trump is Having Trouble Getting Anyone to Speak At the RNC in Cleveland

With prominent Republicans unwilling to attend, Trump will instead host a "winner's night" featuring pro-Trump celebrities.

More Sarah Palin Reality TV? Ex-Alaska Mayor Reportedly Stars in 'Judge Judy'-Style Show

Get ready for a TV courtroom with former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin as the judge.

Lady Gaga's Powerful 2016 Oscars Performance Got a Standing Ovation From Twitter

Lady Gaga wows the world with her Oscars performance of 'Til It Happens.'

Why Is Joe Biden Going to the Oscars? VP to Join Lady Gaga to Discuss Sexual Assault

Biden and Lady Gaga are teaming up for a very important cause.

Why Donald Trump's Ideas Are More American Than You Think

Take a look at American history.

Joe Biden Gives Emotional Interview on Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show,' Talks 2016 Run

"No one owes you anything. You just got to get up."