The photographer who took the viral Trump Skittles image just got the last laugh

He filed a copyright claim.


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Is creating vulgar photos of Justin Bieber legal?

Here Are the Memes Axl Rose Is Trying to Get Google to Take Down

The Guns N' Roses frontman has demanded Google take down unbecoming images of him.

This Woman Was Unknowingly Filmed While Having Sex — And Her Response is Amazing

"I don't see why I should get bashed for it when the guys don't get bashed for it."


Revenge Porn Site Owner Arrested

Kevin Bollaert faces 31 felony charges.

This Horrible Law Keeps You From Getting the Most Out Of Your iPad

Fifteen years ago, President Bill Clinton signed a piece of legislation that has restricted free speech and slowed technological progress.

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Unlocking Technology Act 2013: Is Congress Ready to Let Us Unlock Our Own Phones?

The Unlocking Technology Act aims to fix a section of the U.S. law which states that unlocking your electronic device is a copyright violation.


White House Phone Unlocking Petition: Obama Needs to Consider It

The ever-expanding scope of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an issue that merits wider consideration by Obama. The phone unlocking ruling is not in the spirit of the original law.

Porn Site Allows Ex-Lovers to Get Their Revenge Online: How They're Getting Away With It

A legal battle is brewing in Texas over a suit against a revenge porn website which posts explicit photos of women without their consent, and But just who is culpable here?

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