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July 1, 2016

Vibrio Vulnificus: Everything You Need to Know About the Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Here's everything you need to know about the flesh-eating bacteria, vibrio vulnificus.

May 18, 2016

Could Microbes in Dirt Be the Answer to All Our Medical Problems?

Scientists are mining dirt for potential cures for disease.
April 26, 2016

This Work Habit Is Literally Killing You

Working overnight can have serious consequences for your health.
April 8, 2016

"Monkey Malaria" Is Adapting to Infect Humans, Disease Is Becoming A "Growing Concern"

Monkey malaria has been found to be a growing threat to humans.
March 24, 2016

Can "Double-Dipping" Food Actually Spread Disease? 

Do you double-dip your chips?

March 23, 2016

This Bacteria Is Killing People in the Midwest — And No One Knows Why

Elizabethkingia is a disease that rarely attacks humans but is having its largest outbreak ever.
March 10, 2016

Mystery Disease Outbreak in Wisconsin Kills 15 — What the Hell Is Going On?

Elizabethkingia has infected 48 people in Wisconsin so far — and investigators are flummoxed.
Feb. 5, 2016
Dec. 9, 2015

80 Boston College Students Have the Chipotle Flu

Authorities haven't yet formally announced just what it is Boston College students got with their burritos, but it's nothing good.
Nov. 25, 2015

E. Coli Linked to Costco Rotisserie Chicken Salad — 7 States With Reported Cases

Nineteen people are reported to have E. Coli so far.

Nov. 1, 2015
Feb. 7, 2015

Craigslist Personal Ads Can Be Blamed for the Spread of HIV

To the tune of 6,000 additional HIV infections every year.
Jan. 14, 2015

The Year That Science Eradicates Cancer Has Been Declared

And it will happen in our lifetimes.
Oct. 15, 2014

The Next Disease Outbreak Might Start With New York's Insanely Diseased Rats

It's a "recipe for a public health nightmare."
Sept. 26, 2014

Children Are Falling Ill Across America — But Doctors Are Baffled at What's Causing It

A mysterious disease has left thousands of children in hospitals.

Sept. 8, 2014
Aug. 18, 2014

Eight Years Ago, They Were the Most Common Mammal in America. Now They're Almost Extinct

This could be a surprisingly big problem for us.
Aug. 7, 2014

This Man's Model Shot Is Going Viral Thanks to a Very Unusual Accesssory

Many would be embarrassed to flaunt this.
Aug. 6, 2014

Everything You Know About Ebola Is Wrong

What you need to know about the deadly disease.
Aug. 5, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Keep Calm and Stop Panicking About Ebola in America

The stateside hysteria has to stop.

Aug. 4, 2014

The Real Reason We Haven't Stopped Ebola Has Nothing to Do With Science

There's a potential solution — but there's also a catch.
July 23, 2014

China Is Facing an Outbreak of a Disease That Once Killed Millions

In one city, 1 in 3 people are in serious risk.
July 12, 2014

Here's the Pure Evil That Legalizing Medical Marijuana Will Unleash Upon America

Legalization will have dramatic consequences – 22, to be exact.
June 30, 2014
June 21, 2014

There's a Dangerous Epidemic Spreading That Has Already Been Linked to Over 300 Deaths

According to one senior Doctors Without Borders official, it's "totally out of control."

June 5, 2014

A New WHO Study Proves That America's Anti-Vaccine Truthers Must be Stopped

The U.S just earned a health distinction unlike any it's received in the past 20 years.
June 5, 2014
June 3, 2014

Scientists Just Discovered the Key to Fighting One of the World's Deadliest Diseases

This revolutionary vaccine could save roughly 1.2 million people each year.