Black Lives Matter activist Muhiyidin Moye dies after New Orleans shooting, family says

The Charleston, South Carolina, activist had gained national notoriety for taking a running leap to snatch down a Confederate battle flag during a white nationalist protest, in February 2017.


These three mass shooters “slipped through the cracks.” It cost 67 people their lives.

The "default proceed" may be the biggest problem in America's background check system.

“Lone wolf” white male terrorists have increasingly been on the FBI’s radar

At a hearing on Homeland Security five days before the Las Vegas shooting, a Senate subcommittee discussed the threat of white American terrorists.

Dylann Roof told psychologist that white nationalists would rescue him from prison

He also said that white nationalists would take over the government, the same month Donald Trump was elected.

Dylann Roof pleads guilty to state murder charges, avoiding second death penalty

The guilty plea was a bid to avoid being sentenced to a second death penalty.

Kansas shooting echoes a history of white terrorism that conservatives won't admit exists

Adam Purinton reportedly yelled, "Get out of my country," before shooting two Indian men.

Dylann Roof Sentencing: In closing argument, killer says "I felt like I had to do it"

The jury is deliberating the convicted killer's fate.

There are 10 things Dylann Roof doesn’t want to hear at his sentencing. “Evil” is No. 1.

"Evil" and "heart of hate" are among the words Dylann Roof wants prosecutors to avoid during closing arguments to the jury.

Dylann Roof Sentencing: Day 3 reveals new details of convicted killer's jail stay

A disturbing new revelation seemed to solidify the convicted killer's complete lack of remorse.

The most disturbing revelation from Dylann Roof's jailhouse manifesto

The 22-year-old convicted murderer is waiting to hear whether he will be put to death for his crimes.

Dylann Roof Sentencing: Day 2 prompts tears, objections over victims' family testimony

As federal prosecutors made their way through a lengthy list of victims' family witnesses, Dylann Roof raised concerns in court.

Dylann Roof Sentencing: "There’s nothing wrong with me psychologically"

The convicted killer said that by representing himself, he wasn't trying to hide evidence that he has a mental illness.

Dylann Roof Sentencing: Live tweeting the death penalty trial

The convicted killer is functioning as his own attorney and planned to deliver opening remarks.

Convicted killer Dylann Roof is, again, ruled competent for trial in death-penalty case

A jury still has to decide if will receive the death penalty or life imprisonment over the 2015 Charleston church shooting.

Dylann Roof judge orders yet another competency test, ahead of death penalty trial

The convicted mass murderer was found competent to stand trial in November, after which a jury found him guilty of hate crimes.

Dylann Roof will represent himself during sentencing phase of death-penalty trial

Dylann Roof's sentencing trial, during which he faces the death penalty, is set to start Jan. 3.

Dylann Roof found guilty of hate crimes in 2015 murders at Charleston church

After a weeklong trial, jury delivers guilty verdict. But will they vote to give Dylann Roof the death penalty?

Survivor's testimony, 911 call cap Dylann Roof trial as feds and defense rest their cases

The jury could begin deliberating Dylann Roof's guilt or innocence on Thursday.

Dylann Roof's FBI confession tape played for jury on day 3 of trial: "I had to do it"

"What I did is so minuscule to what black people are doing to white people every day," Roof told his interrogators.

Dylann Roof's mother reportedly collapsed from a heart attack during his trial

His mother had collapsed at Wednesday's proceedings in what Roof's attorney has identified as a heart attack.

Dylann Roof Trial: Day 2 opens old wounds with photo evidence, more emotional testimony

People in the gallery dabbed at their eyes as they saw the images of their loved ones.

At trial, Dylann Roof presented as cold-hearted racist and a friendless outcast

Dylann Roof’s defense team makes early argument against death penalty, ahead of gutting testimony from shooting victim.

Dylann Roof Trial Jury: 3 blacks, 9 whites to decide fate of accused church shooter

Roof represented himself while the jury pool was whittled down to include those chosen on Wednesday.

Judge grants Dylann Roof's motion to represent himself in South Carolina hate crimes trial

On Friday, a federal judge ruled that Dylann Roof was competent to stand trial for killing nine black churchgoers in June 2015.

Judge rules Dylann Roof is competent to be tried for hate crimes in Emanuel 9 massacre

Jury selection in Dylann Roof's hate crime trial will resume Monday, the court said.

Dylann Roof hate crime trial hinges on judge's decision in his competence to stand trial

A federal judge has closed the competency hearings to the public, citing Dyann Roof's right to a fair trial.

Dylann Roof trial: As jury selection begins, a reminder of what the hate crime case means

Federal prosecutors are required to prove that Dylann Roof was motivated by hate when he gunned down black worshippers in 2015.

People Can Now Donate Money to Dwayne Stafford, the Man Who Beat Up Dylann Roof in Jail

Dwayne Stafford attacked Dylann Roof on the way to the jail showers Thursday morning.

Dylann Roof's Lawyers Think the Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional

Dylann Roof's lawyers also challenged how a jury for his trial would be selected.

Activists to Commemorate Flag Day by Taking Mississippi Confederate Flag Fight to DC

Mississippi remains the only U.S. state to feature the Confederate battle emblem on its state flag.