Trump’s trade war could hurt the very voters who put him in the White House

While Trump has said trade wars are “good, and easy to win,” experts say the trade war would directly hurt the very voters who helped fuel Trump’s presidential victory.

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Trump stock market tweet: Is the president right that “good news” caused stocks to drop?

President Donald Trump on Wednesday tweeted that when good news was reported in the “old days,” the stock market would go up, today that’s not the case and it’s a “big mistake.” Is that true?

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In bizarre moment, Trump throws binders full of paper on the floor during infrastructure speech

Trump was seeking to demonstrate overburdensome regulations.

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Trump pulling out of the Paris climate deal would be bad for the economy, too

Climate change could cost the U.S. economy nearly $2 trillion a year by 2100.


Trump claims he invented the economic term "priming the pump" a couple of days ago

The dictionary threw shade at him for his faux pas.

Trump's 100 days brings weakest economic growth in 3 years

First-quarter economic growth fell short of expectations.

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Envelope explodes at IMF office in Paris, injuring one

The blast comes just a day after a Greek militant group claimed responsibility for a similar parcel bomb mailed to Germany.

Paul Ryan embraces report that says 24 million will lose coverage under GOP health plan

Ryan is touting the CBO report, but the White House rejects it.

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Who stands to lose if Trump starts a trade war with China? Almost everybody.

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The GOP's health care plan penalizes you for not having coverage — sound familiar?

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