Who are the Coptic Christians? What to know about the religious minority attacked in Egypt

Gunmen attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians Friday, killing dozens and wounding others.


In Egypt, 3 Muslim female police officers died protecting Christians in Palm Sunday attack

"My aunt was a Muslim. She was a believer. ... She was protecting Christians who were also praying in the Church."

Coptic church attacks: Egypt's president declares three-month state of emergency

In a rare move, Egypt's president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, deployed troops to assist police in securing key locations.

Egypt bombings: Blasts targeting 2 Coptic churches kill dozens on Palm Sunday

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Palm Sunday bombings, which targeted churches in Alexandria and Tanta.

The 'Gods of Egypt' Reviews Are In, and the Whitewashing Hasn't Gone Unnoticed

Spoiler: It's just as bad as it looks.


Surprise! Egyptologists Say Ben Carson Has No Idea What He's Talking About

Egyptologists to Carson: Stick to brain surgery.

Archaeologists Have Unearthed a 4,500-Year-Old Egyptian Queen's Tomb

A major find in an ancient part of the world.

There's One Incredible Thing Missing From the New Moses Movie

Talk about whitewashing.

Scientists Discover the "Clever Trick" the Ancient Egyptians Used to Build the Pyramids

A question that's baffled historians for years may have just been answered in the simplest way.

A Simple Guide to the Mass Death Sentence That Has Rocked Egypt

Answers to the questions that you were too afraid to ask.


How This Man Went From President to "Terrorist"

A year and a half ago, Mohamed Morsi was Egypt's first elected president. Now he's being tried on terror charges. Here's how it happened.

Meet the Man That Banned Beyoncé From the Pyramids

The Queen has met her match.

This Little-Known Oscar Hopeful is a Chilling Portrait Of Revolutionary Egypt

The Egyptian foreign language film entry for the upcoming Academy Awards is particularly relevant today as the nation continues to forge a path forward post-Arab Spring.

Egypt Ambassador's Parting Letter Shows You Don't Mess With 'Murica

In a scathing letter to the editor, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson accuses Egypt's Al Ahram newspaper of "outrageous, fictitious, & thoroughly unprofessional" journalism ahead of her Friday exit


The Egypt Riots Look Bad — But They've Got More Support Than You Think

As Muslim Brotherhood supporters voice their outrage over the recent massacre, a widespread portion of Egyptians support the military crackdown, deepening the polarization of society.

Egypt's Experts Propose a Constitution — and It's Not a Good Start

The interim government selected 10 constitutional experts to draft proposed changes to Egypt's constitution. The committee, however, failed to provide any positive proposals.

This Is the Side of Egypt That You'll Never See in the News

While the media around the world shows us the Egypt that is burning in flames of political unrest, people in this country have to live their normal lives. Have a look at how they do it.

Four Young Egyptians Speak On Women and Egpyt's Future

Young female Egyptians' voices are largely unheard in political discourse. Four of these women recently traveled to London and spoke with journalists. Here are their stories.

Is U.S. Military Aid to Egypt Going to Stop? Here's Why it Doesn't Matter

Despite calls for slashing $1.3 billion in annual military assistance, Washington is unlikely to cut much. The facts suggest it would not stop the violence anyway.


Egypt Violence Could Escalate With Mohamed ElBaradei Lawsuit

The case against El Baradei threatens to further polarize Egyptian politics, undermine its citizens' confidence in the government, and limit the possibility for democracy.

Here is the Pathway to Peace in Egypt

Both the Muslim Brotherhood and the interim government headed by the military are determined to destroy each other. But standing down is the only way forward.

Egypt News: 3 Reforms That Can Get the Country Back on Track

General el Sisi must take steps to gain legitimacy. That requires coalition building and outreach, and concrete steps to get the economy moving. Here are some ideas that merit exploration.

5 Quotes From U.S. Politicians That Prove We Know Nothing About Egypt

The ongoing crisis in Egypt triggered hysteria among politicians, ranging from demands to cancel foreign aid to pro-Morsi statements. Have a look at 5 remarkable political quotes about Egypt.

Why Are Egypt's Christians An Easy Target?

Christians have had a presence in Egypt longer than they've had one in Europe. But when crisis comes, they're often the first to get the blame. Why?


Obama Egypt Speech Transcript: Read Full Remarks From President

"Our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back."

Obama Egypt Speech LIVE Stream and Transcript: Obama Speaks On Crisis in Egypt

After one of the deadliest days in modern Egyptian history, President Obama will speak on the violence in Egypt.

Egypt's Shameful Response to Peaceful Assembly

The Egyptian army has made good on a longstanding threat to violently end the pro-Morsi protests. The U.S. gave up any power to stop them when John Kerry said they were "restoring democracy."

Nothing Can Prepare You For This Bizarre Egyptian Music Video

With music videos like this going viral in Egypt, it'll take more than McCain and Graham to fix the political impasse — a symptom of much deeper political and ideological divisions.