March 6, 2018

4 questions the Texas primary elections may begin to answer

The future of U.S. politics will begin to take shape as ballots are cast Tuesday.

July 28, 2017

Election Assistance Commission official on meeting about voting threats: “There was a real urgency”

The race is on to shore up the election system before the next vote.
July 24, 2017

Federal judge denies attempt to block election integrity panel from collecting voter data

A judge knocked down the legal challenge that had put the panel's big data request on hold.
July 17, 2017

Despite public’s pleas, FEC won’t move to block foreign meddling in elections, commissioner says

Americans ranging from veterans to political refugees begged the FEC to act.
July 15, 2017

New lawsuit claims Trump’s “voter fraud panel” violates the Watergate-era federal Privacy Act

They asked for a lot voter data. Now they're getting a lot of lawsuits.
July 13, 2017

“Pray there is no hell”: Critics are savaging Trump’s voter fraud panel via email

The 112 pages of emails to the panel sure won't be mistaken for valentines.

July 13, 2017

Kentucky secretary of state on voter data request: “Might as well let Putin just get a zip drive”

Alison Lundergan Grimes has a few things to say about the White House's election integrity panel.
July 13, 2017

Working Families Party endorses Randy “Iron Stache” Bryce in House race against Paul Ryan

The union ironworker has been a longtime member of the Working Families Party.
July 11, 2017

Watchdogs say Trump’s new voter fraud panel pick rounds out “four horsemen” of suppression

The addition of J. Christian Adams to the panel is causing a stir.
July 7, 2017

Trump voter panel head Kris Kobach “conspicuously absent” from annual secretaries of state meeting

Kobach appears in no hurry to hang out with his fellow secretaries of state.
July 7, 2017

Amid controversy about Trump’s “voter fraud panel,” new study sticks up for motor voter law

The study shows that the motor voter law, seen as a possible target of the voter fraud panel, works.

July 6, 2017

The election commission’s woes are Mike Pence’s problem now

The national drama over Trump's "election integrity commission" is now the vice president's personal fight.
July 6, 2017

Democrats are getting absolutely roasted after asking people to vote on four bad sticker ideas

One proposed slogan was the painful, "I mean, have you seen the other guys?"
July 5, 2017

Trump election integrity commission member: “We should have predicted” the backlash

Meanwhile, "voter fraud panel" vice chairman Kris Kobach issued a defiant defense.
July 4, 2017

At least 44 states rebuff Trump voter fraud commission

Trump's Commission on Election Integrity is facing an uphill battle proving widespread voter fraud exists.
July 4, 2017

Here’s why watchdogs are worried about all that personal data the Trump election panel wants

There's a reason why so many states are fighting the president's “voter fraud panel.”

July 4, 2017

Maryland official abruptly quits Donald Trump’s controversial “voter fraud panel,” report said

A massive request for voters' personal data has roiled the nation.
July 3, 2017

Connecticut's secretary of state has a few questions about Donald Trump's "voter fraud panel"

The Constitution State won't be handing voter information over just yet.
July 1, 2017

Donald Trump just admitted his election integrity commission is a "voter fraud panel"

No more mincing words about a federal investigation of Trump's voter fraud claims.
June 30, 2017

Secretaries of state are resisting White House requests for voter data

Even Vice President Mike Pence's home state says it won't comply with the panel's request.
June 29, 2017

The House wants to put America's independent election watchdog out of business

Advocates say this is no time to pull funding for the Election Assistance Commission.

June 29, 2017

White House's Election Integrity Commission goes into action — with objections

Watchdogs and elected officials are raising alarms about sweeping demands for voter data.
June 27, 2017

Mic Original Video: Meet Jackson Faw, the lifelong Republican who went blue for Jon Ossoff

"Don't think that just because I'm a white, middle aged redneck ... you can judge me by that."
June 27, 2017

France convenes youngest, most diverse Parliament in its history. Is this the future of Europe?

Thanks to Emmanuel Macron's newly formed party, the French government is more diverse than ever before.
June 23, 2017

A new multimillion-dollar drive aims to get progressive young people to the polls in 2018

The new NextGen Rising campaign will sink money and people into boosting youth turnout.
June 22, 2017

Investigators found election hackers stole voters' private data, new report says

Data breaches during the 2016 election cycle may be even worse than previously known.

June 21, 2017

After the GA 6 special election here is one hard truth for Democrats and the faintest silver lining

Democrats have some lessons to learn before the 2018 midterm elections.
June 21, 2017

'Hot Mic' podcast: Georgia special election, Chelsea Manning caused no harm, EPA committee shakeup

The important stories to get you caught up for Wednesday.
June 21, 2017

Georgia Special Election Results: 3 key takeaways from the GOP's big night in Georgia's 6th

It was a disappointing night for supporters of Jon Ossoff, but doesn't necessarily spell doom for Democrats.
June 20, 2017

Seattle's Socialist city council member just came up with a way to get young and poor people to vote

Seattle's city council just passed landmark legislation for how cities can empower voters.