Leon Panetta On 'Meet the Press': Torture is Not What Led to bin Laden's Capture

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said waterboarding played a small part in bin Laden's hunt. But this is far from the conservative media's claim that he admitted torture led to success.

Oscars 2013: Best Picture Nominees All Offer Lessons in History

With historical pieces like 'Lincoln,' 'Argo,' 'Les Miserables,' and 'Zero Dark Thirty' among the nominees, the 2013 Oscars shows us that Hollywood has its moments.

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Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Team: 17 of 24 Advisors Are Bush Neocons

Mixed in with that decidedly neoconservative crowd are a number of very thoughtful and moderate voices. But which group he is actually listening to?

CIA Torture Record Kept a Secret From U.S. Citizens

A new ruling that allows the CIA to withhold information about torture and disregard Freedom of Information Act requests, is unethical.


Obama, Colin Powell, and Guantanamo Tortures: 3 Portraits of Leadership This Week

Three episodes this week speak to tough decision and leadership and the tendency to subsequently be defined, for better or worse, by those decisions.

Harold Koh: President Obama's Drones Defender-in-Chief

How the former dean of Yale Law School has become a specialist in justifying Obama's exercise of unrestrained executive authority.

Mitt Romney's Immoral Acceptance of Torture

Romney must take a stand against torture and prove his dedication to human rights in American foreign policy.

Ron Paul Gets It Right With Sensible Libertarian Foreign Policy

Most GOP candidates have shown enthusiasm for the use of torture, which is a symptom of a counterproductive and costly interventionist foreign policy.

Closing Gitmo Would Further Obama's Tough Foreign Policy

Obama proved he has a tough foreign policy in killing Osama bin Laden. He should continue to show his tough stance by closing Guantanamo Bay and ending interrogation practices.


Who's to Credit for the Bin Laden Raid?

As we seek to give credit to those who brought down Bin Laden, we have become tangled in two questions: Did interrogation lead to his whereabouts, and did the Bush Doctrine work to help find him?

Liberals Prove They Aren't Weak On Defense

The "tough" foreign policy methods of the Bush administration are over, replaced by a restrained, yet targeted strategy under Obama. But this liberal foreign policy is by no means "soft."

Who Should Be Credited With Bin Laden's Death?

Osama bin Laden wasn't finally found because of intelligence gathered from Guantanamo Bay torture tactics, as some claim. Instead, it came from the president's strong leadership.