Judge blocks Trump administration’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline

The court found that the Trump administration had "simply discarded" facts about climate change to justify approving the pipeline.

As the midterm cycle ends, a grassroots battle against Trump’s energy policy heats up

Activists view these pipelines an example of local, state and national politicians — of both parties — being directed by corporations and their donations to work against the interests of locals.

Trump administration sued for disregarding environment to build border wall, for third time

The groups claim the Texas border wall will post "significant negative threats" to the local environment.

How US cities and states plan to push back against the Trump administration on climate change

Cities and states made bold commitments to fighting climate change during the California summit — but even more needs to be done.

How the Trump administration is taking more steps to weaken environmental regulations

The Trump administration is continuing its assault on the environment through recent actions on fuel efficiency, coal and the Endangered Species Act.

Why Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park is much more than a tourist attraction

The world's first underwater sculpture park has a symbiotic relationship with the ocean and the creatures that live there.

Milo Cress, the kid who started the straw ban movement, doesn’t think banning straws is the answer

When he was 9, Milo Cress founded the project Be Straw Free.

Disney to ban single-use plastic straws from all its parks and resorts

Paper straws will be provided to guests upon request once the ban is in place.

At this Caribbean hotel, guests can help with conservation efforts by killing fish

The lionfish is an invasive species that will consume any living underwater creature it can fit in its mouth.

The “blended burger” could replace the classic American hamburger

Some argue adding mushrooms to ground beef makes for a superior-tasting burger.

Hawaii becomes the first state to ban sunscreens that damage coral reefs

The governor of Hawaii has signed a bill banning the purchase and distribution of sunscreens that contain two common chemicals.

The rise of the plastic-free, zero-waste grocery store

The grocery store of the future is here, and there's no single-use plastic to be found anywhere.

Virginia Beach’s once-endangered oysters are thriving again — and so is its culinary scene

Local Lynnhaven oysters can be found on seafood menus throughout Virginia Beach.

This week in food and travel: Plastic straws are getting the boot

Start thinking about sipping your iced coffee through something other than plastic.

Plastic straws are on their way out — these green alternatives are the best way to drink this summer

In the U.S. alone, 500 million plastic straws are used every single day.

“The worst ever”: Trump administration environmental policies under attack

Environmental groups and others took aim at the Trump administration this week over wildlife, vehicle emissions, contaminants and the Keystone pipeline.

What to do with wedding flowers: This service repurposes floral arrangements for a great cause

Repeat Roses helps couples protect the environment, support a local hospital and get a tax break in one fell swoop.

EPA official resigned in protest of Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt

“They’re putting people’s lives in danger,” Mustafa Ali argued. “They’re going to make more folks sick, and unfortunately more folks are going to die.”

Scott Pruitt’s future at the EPA is in doubt, but he’s made a lasting mark on the environment

Even if Pruitt’s tenure comes to an end, the decisions he’s already made at the EPA will have a lasting impact on climate.

If Adrian Grenier has his way, Starbucks’ plastic green straws will be a thing of the past

The actor, who is a Starbucks shareholder, is pressing the coffee company to consider paper or bamboo straws.

After the California wildfires, a stunning floral phenomenon will bloom this spring

Fire follower seeds are activated by intense heat — and they'll be a "showstopper."


Is 3-D printing the key to sustainable manufacturing?

The waste and energy savings of 3-D printing may unlock new environmental benefits across industries.

Christmas tree lights and decorations a bore? 3 surprising ideas — that aren’t the Walmart weed tree

Christmas tree shop or farm, pre-lit artificial tree — or something different? For decorating ideas, help deciding on lights, ornaments, toppers, and advice on how to save on sales, look no further!

Lifecycling: Veterans breathe new life into military surplus

Denver-based Sword and Plough repurposes military surplus while empowering the veteran community.

Lifecycling: Bohemian Guitars make music out of trash

How two brothers turn re-purposed cans and scrap metal into electric axes for the masses.

What do future cities look like?

How innovative urban development is reimagining the roles of oil and natural gas.

Smoking doesn’t just kill humans. Cigarette butts are destroying the planet, too.

Cigarette-butt waste exceeds a billion pounds each year, but scientists are finally figuring out a way to reuse them.

Here’s what your pets are really doing to the environment

Cute little meat-eating machines.

Lifecycling: Simple ways to live sustainably

Ease into a less wasteful style of living that works for you.

Zachary Quinto is on a mission to save the world’s 3,890 remaining tigers from extinction

The 'Star Trek' actor wants tigers to live long and prosper.