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A sneak peek at EuroPride 2018 — held in 2 cities for the first time ever

Stockholm, an established queer haven, and Gothenburg, a city working to shed its anti-LGBTQ reputation, will host the annual festival.

This tiny village in Italy grows the best pistachios in the world

These pistachios are four times the price of regular ones. But in Bronte, Sicily, they’re used generously in everything from gelato to pasta to arancini.

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Goldfish brew booze to stay alive in freezing winter water

It's the first known example of fermentation by an animal with a backbone.

Lunar Eclipse 2017: Here’s how you can watch the solar eclipse’s warm-up act

You get an eclipse! And you get an eclipse! And you get an eclipse!

‘PUBG’ Update: Patch Notes introduce first person mode, new gun and character options

New faces, a new gun and first person mode are coming to 'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' in a new patch, but the real prize is the changes they've made to vehicles.

Employees are getting microchips put in their hands at this US company

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Far-right nationalist charged with plot to assassinate French President Emmanuel Macron

According to BFMTV, a French newsroom, the suspect also said he wanted to attack “blacks, Arabs, Jews and homosexuals.”


Global ransomware hack hits infrastructure targets across Europe

Targets include Russia's biggest oil company, Ukraine's largest airport and its state power company.

'Overwatch' Contenders Schedule, Twitch Livestream: Here's when the NA and EU playoffs start

The $50,000 prize pool for 'Overwatch' Contenders will be awarded in just a few days. Check out the schedule now,

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65.6 million people are displaced worldwide.

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The Brexit vote is worsening an ongoing nurse shortage in the U.K.

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Trump wanted to focus the G7 meeting on terrorism and security.

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