Major right-wing conference will host European nationalist politicians

Far-right populism is on the rise in Europe and American conservatives are getting involved.

Coming Up This Week in Politics: Family reunification deadline arrives & Paul Manafort trial begins

Major battles will play out in the court system this week, while Trump meets with the head of the EU after calling it a "foe."

Trump: Abortion “could very well end up with the states at some point”

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump suggested his Supreme Court pick could overturn 'Roe v. Wade' and praised Kim Jong Un while criticizing the European Union and Democrats.

Trump pulls out of G7 summit statement, calls Justin Trudeau “weak”

After Trudeau said Canada wouldn't be "pushed around" by the U.S., Trump took to Twitter to fight back.

John Bolton won’t say whether he’s pushing for regime change and pre-emptive strike on Iran

Bolton praised Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal — but wouldn't say if he's brought his notoriously hawkish views to the White House.

Tariffs and trade war: From hiked prices to job losses, the best- and worst-case scenarios to expect

What is a trade war going to look like, worst case? If President Donald Trump's protective tariffs go through, here is what to expect as a consumer, worker and at a global level.

Trump defends impulsive trade war in bizarre Mar-a-Lago Twitter rant

"They laugh at what fools our leaders have been," Trump tweeted. "No more!"

Trump’s proposed steel and aluminum tariff sparks global outcry

Trump's unpopular tariff could have widespread effects on both global trade and the U.S. economy.

The EU wants to ban doner kebabs — yet another example of discrimination against food vendors

The EU cites health concerns as the reason behind the ban.

Belgium’s burqa ban is in the spirit of integration — here’s why it could backfire

”The reasoning behind the court’s decision has nothing to do with integration.”

‘Overwatch’ World Cup Teams 2017: Here’s how it works and who’s competing

Here's all the info you need about the 2017 'Overwatch' World Cup teams.

Rift Rivals 2017 NA/EU Tournament Schedule: When to catch every League of Legends esports match

Here's the complete listing of Rift Rivals playoffs, complete with teams and scheduled times!

Rick Perry has no idea how economics works

Which came first — the supply or the demand?

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Update 1.30: Full patch notes include New Game Plus, new trophies and face paint

If you're itching for another playthrough of 'Horizon Zero Dawn' before the DLC comes out, Guerrilla's got you covered.

They absolutely love Donald Trump in Poland. Here’s why.

Why Poland is rolling out the red carpet for Trump.

Here’s a history of Donald Trump’s brief, but tumultuous, relationship with Angela Merkel

The two leaders' upcoming G20 summit meeting will likely continue their tense relationship.


European court rules Russia's gay propaganda rule violates freedom of expression

Russian activists won a victory in a European court.

The Brexit vote is already making the UK's nurse shortage worse

The Brexit vote is worsening an ongoing nurse shortage in the U.K.

8 places around the world you can see Banksy's artwork in person

A look at where to spot the British artist's surviving rare stencils.

Greenpeace trolled Trump by projecting this on the side of the US Embassy in Berlin

It's pretty clear who that's supposed to be.

L'Oréal uses EpiSkin, lab-grown skin, to combat animal testing

It's already a game changer.

Watch Donald Trump appear to push a world leader at the NATO summit

Trump pushed another world leader out of the way to be in the front of the pack of 28 NATO leaders.

US travelers can now book flights to Europe with Ryanair

Ryanair and Air Europa have announced a new partnership.

Western liberals claim burqa bans protect Muslim women. These experts say otherwise.

Austria is the latest country to pass one of these bills.

Italian Coast Guard waited 5 hours before rescuing drowning refugees, tapes show

268 refugees died after Italian authorities waited five hours to rescue them.

French Election: Obama endorses Emmanuel Macron, progressive presidential candidate

Obama said Macron "is committed to a better future for the French people."


Paris Shooting Update: What we know about suspected shooter in terrorist attack

Here's what we know about the suspected Paris shooter.

5 countries managing climate change better than the US

These five countries aren't taking the threat of climate change lightly.

A pro-life group will fly an anti-abortion flag outside a Canadian city hall

The flag features a baby attached to an umbilical cord and the words "Please let me live."

Could Brexit affect your money? 3 things you need to know

Here's how the Brexit could affect your wallet.