Facebook to remove fake content meant to start violence from its platform

The social network will immediately start removing posts meant to cause violence.


‘Mic Dispatch’: Inside the FBI’s crackdown on “black identity extremists” (Full transcript)

Welcome to Mic Dispatch, a new Facebook Watch show from 'Mic.'

Hype Daily: VMA nominations, Patrick Stewart’s bees and more

Plus Cher and the new 'Dune' remake.

Researchers are using Facebook data to study gender inequality

“Not everyone is Cambridge Analytica. [Facebook data] can be used for social good.”

A Facebook group where liberal and conservative women actually listen to each other

The group, which now has about 330 members, has discussed abortion, gun control, education, health care, media bias and what, exactly, it means to make America great again.

Facebook enforces new regulations for gun accessory ads. Here’s what you need to know.

People under 18 will no longer be served display ads for weapons-related products and services.

Who’s Sorry This Week? Fox News, Facebook and other public apologies

These celebrities and public figures apologize for their behavior and will try to do better in the future. They appreciate you respecting their privacy at this time.

Facebook comes under fire from politicians again — but for brand new reasons

Facebook's data-sharing practices are under fire once again after a recent 'New York Times' report.

Snapchat wants Facebook to copy its privacy practices, but Snap shares data with advertisers too

“We would really appreciate it if they copied our data protection practices also.”

The US government faces thousands of cyberattacks a year. So why won’t Trump protect his data?

Donald Trump isn't following the advised rules for protecting his cell phone and data. That puts U.S. interests at serious risk.

What is the Rooney Rule? Here are the pros and cons of the popular diversity initiative.

The Rooney Rule is often touted as a means of diversifying the upper ranks of companies and organizations. Here's how it works — and where it comes up short.

Facebook users on Android: You may have money coming if this lawsuit is successful

The plaintiff is seeking at least $5 million.

Facebook is reportedly looking into an ad-free option users would pay for

How much would you pay for no ads on Facebook?

Facebook employees used data collected on the service to stalk their exes

The company has not mentioned if it plans on dialing back what Facebook employees are able to access.

For safety reasons, Facebook’s dating feature doesn’t let you send photos

Is it time to undelete that Facebook?

Facebook announced VR hangouts with “Spaces” at last year’s F8 — so where is it now?

Weren't we supposed to be hanging out in virtual reality by now?

A Facebook dislike button may finally arrive, via upvote and downvote options

This dislike option gets two thumbs up.

Facebook’s latest ad is heartwarming, but may confuse the difference between privacy and security

Advertising got them in this mess, and advertising is gonna get them out

What If We Didn’t... have Facebook?

Facebook has been plagued by a data leak that could be the premise of a dystopian novel. What would our world look like if Facebook fell — and if we truly owned our data?

Why does everyone keep bringing up Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room?

In case you were wondering where Facebook was created...

How the Federal Trade Commission could bankrupt Facebook

By allowing user information to fall into the hands of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook may have violated an FTC consent decree.

When asked to publicize his hotel of choice, Mark Zuckerberg suddenly learned the value of privacy

Is it just us, or are these tables turned?


What If We Didn’t...?: An introduction

For Mic’s latest series, we’re taking a look at the roots of our most pressing matters.

Google and YouTube may be next to face public backlash after collecting children’s data

As the Cambridge Analytica scandal shines a spotlight on data protection, 23 groups are going after YouTube for the company's own privacy practices.

Days before Zuckerberg goes to Congress, new questions still emerging about Cambridge Analytica data

Even more than 87 million Facebook users could have had their data stolen by Cambridge Analytica — and Congress may play a role in ensuring such data breaches don't happen again.

Facebook admits to deleting messages from Zuckerberg and other executives

In response to these revelations, users will soon gain the ability to unsend messages sent on Facebook.