March 20, 2018

Facebook makes money by selling your data, but why can’t users just pay for the site instead?

Where's the option to pay for Facebook and not be spied on?

March 20, 2018

Facebook faces calls for investigation, regulation after latest Cambridge Analytica bombshell

The key question is whether Facebook can weather the most severe criticism in the history of the company or face investigation and regulation from Washington.
March 19, 2018

Senators are calling for Mark Zuckerberg to testify amid Cambridge Analytica scandal

The call comes reports that a political data organization deeply tied to Steve Bannon inappropriately mined Facebook data to influence the 2016 election.
March 14, 2018

Facebook bans far-right political party for inciting “animosity and hatred”

The social media platform has deleted the official Facebook page for Britain First as well as pages belonging to two leaders of the political party.
March 12, 2018

Partisan pundits and conspiracy theorists still rule Facebook, analysis shows

Two of the most engaging authors on Facebook in February wrote for fake news sites.
March 12, 2018

What the most successful ‘BuzzFeed’ Tasty recipes have in common

At Tasty, the producers know exactly what kind of footage will stop you in your tracks.

March 3, 2018

Unreliable sources: A look at the worst media moments this week

Here’s a look at some of the more cringe-worthy takes and media mistakes from this week.
March 1, 2018

Why is it so difficult for online platforms to tackle disinformation and hate speech?

YouTube began to crack down on conspiracy accounts on Wednesday. The online publishing platform Medium explicitly banned disinformation this month. How will other platforms cope?
March 1, 2018

Crowdfunding your way to homeownership

Is real estate the next frontier of the crowdfunding craze?
Feb. 21, 2018

Does free money make people lazy? Why the case for a universal basic income is getting stronger.

Support for a universal basic income is gaining traction, including from prominent members of the business community like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Feb. 10, 2018

Unreliable sources: The worst media moments this week that weren’t an accused Nazi on cable news

Across the media landscape this week, some reporting and commentary on the storylines were rife with mischaracterizations ... or flat-out falsehoods.
Feb. 7, 2018

‘Throwback ThursDate’: Dating while bisexual

“There [are] a lot of misconceptions about people who are bi.”
Feb. 3, 2018

How would Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” play out in 2018?

Odds are, the onetime teen heartthrob wouldn't get away unscathed.
Jan. 5, 2018

The Dogspotting Facebook group has erupted in some massive drama over a photo of a cat’s butt

It’s a “tail” (ha ha) as old as the modern social web.
Dec. 28, 2017

This New Year’s, let’s ditch the weight-loss resolutions

I’m just a girl, writing in front of some other girls (and maybe guys), asking them to reconstruct their resolutions.

Dec. 18, 2017

Twitter Stock Price: Why TWTR is up after the site booted some alt-right users — but spared others

Twitter’s stock price just got a big boost after the platform banned some alt-right users for hate speech. But major business challenges — that all TWTR investors should know about — remain.
Dec. 18, 2017

Study: Ideological bubbles evident in Congress’ news-sharing habits

Members of Congress saw more Facebook engagement and reshares when they linked to polarizing news outlets.
Dec. 8, 2017

Mic Wakeup: All the places you should look for a new job in 2018

Here are three stories to kick off your Friday.
Dec. 7, 2017

Best places to work in 2018: These 10 top companies get the highest marks from employees

These are the best companies to work in terms of salary, benefits and more, according to Glassdoor reviews by employees who actually work there.
Dec. 4, 2017

Facebook’s Messenger app for kids is out — here’s all the data it’s collecting

It won't track your location, but you can't use the middle finger emoji.

Nov. 17, 2017

The alt-right threw a fit after Twitter unverified its top personalities. Now they’re regrouping.

Now alt-right figures are trying to regroup by direct their followers to pro-white nationalist social sites.
Nov. 8, 2017

Life after addiction: One year after an opioid overdose video went viral

'Mic' and 'Time' magazine followed two recovering opioid addicts amid America's worsening drug epidemic.
Nov. 5, 2017

Kushner investor also invested in Facebook and Twitter with Kremlin money, Paradise Papers show

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner — who holds a stake in a company Jared Kushner co-owns — made Kremlin-backed contributions worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Facebook and Twitter.
Nov. 3, 2017

A fake news writer reveals how he’s making money on Facebook

The issue of fake news is not a problem contained to Russia. An American social media strategist is blowing the whistle on how easy it is to make money by creating fake news on Facebook.
Nov. 2, 2017

5 tricks to get paid money for selling your data — since it’s getting sold anyway

Shouldn't you be getting paid for your data if companies are already tracking it?

Nov. 2, 2017

5 things to know about how Russia may have used Facebook, Google and Twitter to hack our election

"Our claims were blown off by the leadership of your companies," one senator said.
Oct. 24, 2017

People are hosting Facebook screaming parties to mark the 2016 election anniversary

"Join us cucks and snowflakes, safe spacers and libtards, as we enjoy a collective cathartic yell into the heavens about our current political establishment."
Oct. 18, 2017
Oct. 18, 2017

These 5 financial heroes are improving vulnerable people’s lives

Grim headlines getting you down? Here are five money heroes to inspire you with their altruism and hustle.