'Pokémon Go Scratch' Full Game Edition: The most adorable Pokémon game you've ever seen

'Pokémon Go' Scratch is a cute, kid's version of the mobile app that might also pose a legal issue.


It's Almost Totally Legal for Designers and Retailers to Appropriate Navajo Culture

According to Urban Outfitters, Navajo is a design style, not a culture.

Here Are the Memes Axl Rose Is Trying to Get Google to Take Down

The Guns N' Roses frontman has demanded Google take down unbecoming images of him.

The Movie Industry Just Admitted Piracy Isn't Curbing Its Massive Profits

Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

Here Are the Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2015

This is a roller coaster of emotions.

This Pirated TV Network With 500 Channels Just Declared War on Cable

There's nothing networks can do to stop it.

This Artist Took Someone Else's Instagram Photo — And Sold It for $90,000

How is this legal? Because on the Internet, you don't own sh*t.

Who Owns the Viral Oscar Selfie? Not Ellen DeGeneres

The answer may surprise you.

Look Up All the Lyrics You Can Now, It Might Soon Be Illegal

The National Music Publishers' Association is going after unlicensed music lyric sites, and the popular Rap Genius is at the top of their hit list.

Max Hell Frog Warrior: What A Web Review of a Z List Movie Tells Us about Internet Freedom

The curious case of Obscurus Lupa demonstrates that the internet community must protect the rights of critics and artists, and be vigilant of those who would suppress them.

SOPA and PIPA Will Not Stop Internet Piracy, Business Solutions Will

SOPA and PIPA got internet juggernauts in a tizzy, but internet piracy is not new. Stopping piracy requires an economic, not a legislative, fix.

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