Trump administration sues California over net neutrality law

The net neutrality law goes even further than the federal guidelines the FCC repealed in December 2017.

States are now passing their own net neutrality laws to protect the internet from corporations

States are taking action to preserve net neutrality — but it's unclear whether their measures will stand up in court.

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How Trump has attacked blue states during his first year in office

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How Black Lives Matter activists are already gearing up to fight the net neutrality repeal

Public education campaigns, lawsuits, street protests and lobbying Congress will be part of the movement's response to a net neutrality repeal.

Net neutrality repeal prompts lawsuits and legislation from government officials and private groups

Government officials and private organizations across the country are taking action against the FCC's net neutrality repeal.


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The FCC just killed net neutrality, and nobody is happy

From average citizens to politicians to companies, nobody is pleased with the FCC's net neutrality vote.

What is net neutrality? How the FCC repeal vote will affect your wallet and internet experience

Net neutrality has been dealt a serious blow following a 3-2 FCC vote, led by chair Ajit Pai, to reduce regulation of internet service providers. Here's how that will affect you.

Net Neutrality 2017: Enjoy internet and TV? How the FCC’s vote could affect your choices and costs.

Why the FCC's net neutrality decision and other agency changes could affect your costs and choices for internet, cell phone and television services — and who to contact about it.

How the FCC helped pave the way for Sinclair to take over American broadcasting

Trump’s FCC has made it more likely the deal will be approved.

Net neutrality means not having to pay your internet service provider for a season pass

Data caps and interconnection fees have the potential of hitting gamers the hardest if the FCC removes Title II classification from ISPs.

Net neutrality day of action: 5 websites explain why they’re waging a “battle for the net”

"This is core to preserving the technology that made the internet so successful."

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While You Weren't Looking: Trump flew these 4 bits of policy way under the radar this week

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John Oliver just explained the potential net neutrality changes in a way that makes sense

Oliver is calling for Americans to let the FCC know how they feel.


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Republicans repeal ISP privacy rules — which means they can sell your online history

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Net neutrality debate takes center stage ahead of Trump presidency

Trump's appointees almost certainly will challenge the policy.

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The FCC Tried to Cap Rates on the Prison Industrial Complex — Here's What Happened Instead

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Republicans Are Still Trying to Kill Net Neutrality as it Goes Back to Court Once More

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