Police can search your BitTorrent files without a warrant, judge rules

If it's shared publicly, it's fair game.

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Why IsoHunt's Shut Down Won't Affect the Movie Industry

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These 5 Videos Could Soon Be Illegal

An Obama administration task force has recommended reviving a provision of SOPA that would make online streaming and sharing of copyrighted material a felony. Here's what you need to know.

Court Upholds Ridiculous Verdict Charging Joel Tenenbaum $220,000 For Downloading 30 Songs

Downloading a song from Amazon or iTunes may cost you $0.99. Downloading it somewhere else may cost you $22,500.

Bill C-11: Canadian Pirates Are Walking the Plank, But It's Not Exactly a Terrifying Drop

A case going before the courts regarding illegal file sharing may set precedent for litigation of those who like to download illegally, but bill C-11 means damages will be limited to $5000 max.

Illegal Downloading: Minnesota Woman Owes 222K For Copyright Infringement, Says Judge

Having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for downloading music is quite the killjoy.

SOPA and PIPA Will Not Stop Internet Piracy, Business Solutions Will

SOPA and PIPA got internet juggernauts in a tizzy, but internet piracy is not new. Stopping piracy requires an economic, not a legislative, fix.

Dept of Justice Shutdown of Megaupload Shows Why SOPA and PIPA Should be Defeated

The DOJ's shutdown of the online file sharing website buttresses arguments that the SOPA and PIPA bills are superfluous and overreaching.