Fox Business Network has suspended host Charles Payne over sexual harassment allegations

A former CNN commentator has leveled sexual misconduct allegations against Payne.


Fox News just hired US Rep. Jason Chaffetz as a correspondent

Chaffetz is headed to Fox.

'Last Man Standing' Update: CMT reportedly not picking up ABC comedy because of cost

It was considered a long shot for 'Last Man Standing' to land on CMT.

Sean Spicer is interviewing for his own replacement, report says

Sean Spicer may no longer be seen behind the White House briefing room podium.

'Daily Caller' reporter Kaitlan Collins to join CNN

Her first day will be Monday.

Georgia Prison Escape: Inmates "on the run" after allegedly shooting, killing 2 guards

Two prisoners are on the loose after killing guards, the Putnam County sheriff says.


An estimated 20 million people watched James Comey's testimony

Millions more tuned in online to hear Comey call President Trump a "liar."

Greg Gianforte, GOP candidate in Montana election, charged with assaulting reporter

Gianforte allegedly tackled and punched 'Guardian' reporter Ben Jacobs,' yelling "Get the hell out of here!"

Fox News has retracted a shady conspiracy theory from its website

Even Fox staffers had reportedly expressed dismay that the story lived so long on their site.

Family of Seth Rich threatens legal action over Fox News conspiracy theory report

The right-wing conspiracy theory fell apart in under 48 hours.

Roger Ailes and Donald Trump: Here's a timeline of their mutually beneficial relationship

A quick guide to the symbiotic friendship between Roger Ailes and Donald Trump.

Fox News' conspiratorial entry in a Washington murder mystery is rapidly falling apart

Fox claimed to offer answers — but even its source is backing away from the story.

Why was 'Last Man Standing' canceled? Here's the controversy with ABC's Tim Allen comedy.

Fans of 'Last Man Standing' are threatening to boycott ABC.

TV Renewals and Cancellations 2017: Is your favorite show returning?

A full list of what's coming back — and what's not.

The FDA is making all of its employees watch Fox News

Fox News personalities have advocated abolishing the FDA.

Fox News reporter Diana Falzone is suing the network for gender discrimination

Falzone's is "at least" the 15th lawsuit against Fox News.

Fox's Jesse Watters is going on an impromptu "vacation" after gross Ivanka Trump "joke"

You know who else announced a vacation amid backlash against his lewd behavior toward women? Bill O'Reilly.

Meet Lisa Bloom, the attorney who brought down Bill O'Reilly

Bloom said she never doubted she and the three women she represented would be able to take down O'Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly responds to Fox News departure — here's his full statement

"I wish only the best for Fox News Channel."

A plane flying a banner calling for Bill O'Reilly's firing flew over Manhattan on Tuesday

Feminist organization UltraViolet flew a banner reading "Fox: #DropOReilly, the sexual predator" over Manhattan.


Boston Marathon 2017 Livestream: How to watch Monday’s race online

If you enjoy watching thousands of people jogging through Boston, you have plenty of options.

YouTube TV price, channels and how it compares to other streaming services

It's got something other streaming channels don't.

Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky accuses Roger Ailes of harassment in new lawsuit

Yet another female employee at Fox News has taken legal action against Roger Ailes.

How did 'Bones' end? This is what happened in the series finale.

This is how the show ended after 12 seasons.

When will 'This Is Us' season 2 premiere?

'This Is Us' season one concluded Tuesday night, so when will season two begin?

White House analysis suggests GOP health care bill may see even more insurance losses

According to a new analysis from the executive branch, more Americans will lose their insurance than the CBO predicted.

Riots break out in Stockholm in wake of Trump's rally remarks on Sweden and immigration

The incident has Trump fans calling him an oracle.

Top Trump aide blasts media for using unnamed sources, then uses unnamed sources

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has a little hypocrisy problem.