Under siege on Russia and health care, Trump’s White House plans more “theme weeks”

The White House will stage three weeks of events around "Made in America," "American Heroes" and "American Dreams."


An Iranian cancer researcher headed to the US to work at a hospital was detained at Logan Airport

Seyed Mohsen Dehnavi, a cancer researcher, was supposed to begin work as a visiting scholar at Boston Children's Hospital.

While You Weren't Looking: A Russia probe bombshell and 6 more big stories not about Trump's tweets

The first real potential evidence of American collusion with Russia, a possible end to America's longest war and more.

Iran calls Supreme Court's travel ban decision "racist" and "unfair"

Iranian officials criticized Trump's de-facto Muslim ban this week.

Trump says Supreme Court action on travel ban "a clear victory for our national security"

Trump said the court's decision allows him "to use an important tool for protecting our nation's homeland."

Donald Trump doesn't have tapes of James Comey

The revelation comes a day before a House-imposed deadline for Trump to reveal whether the purported tapes exist.


Trump administration amends travel ban start date in an attempt to keep it alive

The change of date will prevent the Supreme Court from declining to hear the case.

Nikki Haley says Trump believes "climate is changing" and "pollutants are part of the equation"

Haley's assertion of Trump's views doesn't align with his past comments.

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to let travel ban go into effect

Is Trump's travel ban headed to the Supreme Court?

'House of Cards' Season 5: The surprising twist of the presidential election

Gov. Conway was never Frank's true opponent.

Sean Spicer suggests “covfefe” is a code only a “small group of people” understand

Will we ever know what "covfefe" really means?

Donald Trump tweets garbled message with "covfefe" in it, goes dark

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe," the president wrote, apparently cut off mid-sentence.

Report: Trump tried to get James Comey to kill the investigation into Michael Flynn

The 'New York Times' reported Comey left a paper trail to document what he saw as Trump's interference in an investigation.

Trump's advisers are reportedly afraid to leave him alone with foreign leaders

Trump's loose lips reportedly have a frustrated White House staff worried about what he might say.

Trump revealed classified info to the Russians while bragging about his intel sources

“I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day."

The press is getting its first taste of life after Spicer. They're liking it.

Let's not beat around the bush: Sean Spicer appears to have been "benched."

Sally Yates doesn't have time for mansplaining

Yates wasn't taking any condescending BS during Monday's Senate hearing.

Sally Yates Testimony: 3 key takeaways

Yates proved herself a fierce interlocutor in the face of Republican criticisms.

Mike Pence is pretty pleased with this stacked "pro-life" White House

If Mike Pence is pleased about a White House "literally filled ... with pro-life leaders," the rest of us should worry.

Sally Yates will testify she warned White House about Michael Flynn's connection to Russia

Her testimony will be in direct conflict with the Trump administration's version of events.

Ivanka Trump wasn't interested in maternity leave until her employees pushed for it

She once bragged to a pregnant employee asking about paid leave: "I went back to work one week after having my child."


Steve Bannon: Trump's chief strategist is reportedly back in the circle of trust

Guess who's back, back again? Bannon's back, tell a friend.

Trump baffles his staff again, this time by promising “massive tax cut” no one knew about

Treasury officials were "speechless" after Trump's announcement.

Earth Day Quotes 2017: 23 quotes about the environment that ring true now more than ever

Words by Shakespeare, Roosevelt and Benjamin Franklin now ring truer than ever before.

Free trade is back in the crosshairs of Donald Trump’s executive orders. Here’s why.

President Trump is targeting free trade to claim victory on at least one campaign promise in his first 100 days.


Obamacare Repeal: How the GOP's latest attempt to replace the ACA differs from the first

Coverage for people with preexisting conditions may get more expensive.

The White House will write its own positive news coverage if no one else will

The Trump administration issued a glowing statement on its own actions.

H-1B Executive Order: How "Buy American, Hire American" will affect visa holders

What will change for visa holders after Trump signs his latest executive order?

Trump to sign executive order curbing H-1B visa program

The executive order likely won't impact the visa program Trump uses to staff Mar-a-Lago.