Trayvon Martin’s dad: Markeis McGlockton’s death is a direct result of George Zimmerman’s acquittal

“What that acquittal did was empower white supremacists to feel as though they can go out and shoot and kill unarmed black men and say that they were afraid for their lives and get away with it.”

In new Trayvon Martin docuseries ‘Rest in Power,’ George Zimmerman is not the only villain

The six-part docuseries, which is executive produced by Jay-Z, premiered Friday at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Missy Elliot's sample of Rachel Jeantel was a nod to Trayvon Martin

Rachel Kaadzi Ghanash profiled Missy Elliot for Elle Magazine.

Matthew Apperson, who shot at George Zimmerman, sentenced to 20 years in prison

The man who fired a shot at Trayvon Martin's killer will serve 20 years.

Ken Bone thinks the killing of Trayvon Martin was "justified"

The debate questioner posted his thoughts on Reddit after George Zimmerman tried to auction the gun he used to kill the teen.

Dylann Roof and George Zimmerman Were Assaulted in Separate Incidents This Week

Both men became famous for killing unarmed black people.

Sybrina Fulton at DNC 2016: "I Am Here Today for My Son Trayvon Martin"

"I will do everything I can to focus some of this light on the pain of a path out of the darkness."

This Day in History: George Zimmerman Acquitted for Shooting Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman was acquitted three years ago today. What's changed?

Very Woke Beyoncé Greets Trayvon Martin's Family at Her NYC Formation World Tour Concert

During her Formation World Tour concert in New York City, Beyonce checked in with Trayvon Martin's family.

George Zimmerman Just Taunted Trayvon Martin's Parents for Raising the Son He Killed

"They didn't raise their son right."

"Racist McShootFace" Bids $65 Million for George Zimmerman's Gun and It's Trolltastic

"Racist McShootface" makes the top bid.

George Zimmerman Tried to Auction Off the Gun He Used to Kill Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman is calling the gun a "piece of American history."

George Zimmerman Was Suspended From Twitter For Posting an Ex's Nudes

He accused the woman of cheating on him with "a dirty Muslim."

#BlackLivesMatter Was Created Two Years Ago Today — And It's Still as Necessary as Ever

A movement has been reignited, but it's not enough.


One Tweet Exposes the Hypocrisy of How We Talk About Black Victims vs. White Victims

George Zimmerman was shot and suffered minor injuries.

Racist Shooting Target Chillingly Sums Up the Hostility Facing Black America Today

It's hard to imagine a more apt symbol for what black Americans face today.

It's Been 3 Years Since Trayvon Martin's Death — Here's What We've Learned

Three years later, we must take stock.

Trayvon Martin's Killer Will Not Face Federal Civil Rights Charges

But here's what we can expect to see next.


George Zimmerman Just Got Arrested for Aggravated Assault — Again

It's got to be some kind of record.

George Zimmerman's Alleged Latest Stunt Reveals Just How Out of Touch He Is

The media has turned criminals into wannabe celebrities.

A Disturbing New Report Is the Best Case Against 'Stand Your Ground' Laws We've Seen Yet

Proof that the controversial self-defense doctrine does way more harm than good.

This Image of George Zimmerman Signing Autographs Is Everything That's Wrong With America

It's yet another reminder that gun rights advocates are enabling Zimmerman to make himself into a martyr and celebrity.

22 Brief Thoughts on Being Black in America Today

On the two-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death, how far has the country actually come?


George Zimmerman Just Tweeted This to Piers Morgan

He was weighing in to say it's a victory for gun rights.

Michael Dunn Verdict Will Expose a Disturbing Truth About America

Are we ready to do something about it?

George Zimmerman Will Fight DMX in a Boxing Match — Yes You Read That Correctly

"I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him."