With a government shutdown looming, here’s a reminder that we’ve been here before — 18 times

If the government shuts down on Friday, it will be the 19th time a funding gap has occurred since 1976.

Trump decries "witch hunt," claims 50% approval rating in early morning tweetstorm

Despite the so-called "witch hunt" against him, the president claims his "Make America Great Again agenda" is doing well.

Poll shows more Americans are beginning to support impeaching Trump

It's a clear increase from the 38% of respondents who favored impeachment the week before.

Clinton tells Wellesley graduates to persist: "They may even call you a 'nasty woman'"

"Some [politicians] are even denying things we can see with our own eyes, like the size of crowds."

Here's a running list of how national Republicans are reacting to Gianforte's body slam

Republicans who endorsed Gianforte have largely been silent.

Republicans had a breaking point with Nixon. Will they with Trump?

Republicans stuck by Nixon for two years. Will they wait that long with Trump?


President Donald Trump's approval numbers continue to sink amid recent controversies

The latest numbers are some of Trump's lowest yet — and the bad press just keeps coming.

Sean Spicer refuses to say whether Donald Trump is taping conversations at the White House

It's still unclear whether Trump is recording his conversations.

The polls are out and it looks like Trump's decision to fire Comey is pretty unpopular

More Americans supported Bill Clinton's decision to can William Sessions in 1993.

Donald Trump just issued a threat to James Comey "before he starts leaking to the press"

Trump warns Comey to tell the truth about their interactions, because Trump may have "tapes" of them.

Calls grow for a special prosecutor in the Russia investigation. How are they appointed?

A special prosecutor might be needed to investigate Trump's alleged Russian ties — but it's not a perfect system.


Nixon Presidential Library claps back at comparisons between Trump and Saturday massacre

A good subtweet from a not-great president's library.

Saturday Night Massacre 1973: Trump's Comey firing is not without precedent

It's not exactly the same, but there are similarities.

Sen. Chris Murphy counterprogrammed Trump's NRA speech with a devastating Twitter thread

Chris Murphy tweeted out images of young Americans killed by gunfire as Donald Trump addressed the NRA.

Donald Trump's first 100 days: How his approval ratings compare to other presidents

Here's how Trump's 100 Day approval rating stacks up against every president since Truman.

A new Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans no longer trust Trump

Trump is losing even his loyalist of followers.

Donald Trump's approval rating continues to flounder after health care fail

There is not much good news for Trump in the latest poll on his approval rating.

Trump Approval Rating Today: At 36%, the president's approval rating hits an all-time worst

The president hits a lower point in his first 100 days than Barack Obama or Bill Clinton ever did.

Gorsuch says he would've "walked out the door" had Trump said to overturn 'Roe v. Wade'

Neil Gorsuch did not divulge his personal beliefs on abortion, however.

Would Bernie have won? Americans still like him more than Trump, poll shows

Trump has trouble besting the Vermont senator in straight-up popularity.

Mike Pence will receive a "Working for Women" award because nothing makes sense anymore

Pence's record on women's rights issues be damned.

'Designated Survivor' Episode 12 Spoilers: What will happen in "The End of the Beginning"?

The conspiracy behind the Capitol bombing will continue to unravel in episode 12 of 'Designated Survivor'.

Trump Approval Rating: Here's how public sentiment has changed since Trump's inauguration

Amid near-constant controversy, President Donald Trump has managed to maintain historically low approval ratings.

3 times Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissed Donald Trump

This isn't the first time the Notorious R.B.G. has burned Trump.

What is the "madman theory"? Why people are talking about this Nixon-era foreign policy.

It has do with a president's unpredictable behavior. Sound familiar?

Former NSC spokesman Edward Price resigns over Trump and Stephen Bannon

Bannon "cut his teeth as a media champion of white nationalism," Price wrote.

Donald Trump names Army's Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster national security adviser

McMaster will become the first active-duty NSA since Colin Powell.

Trump and leaks: Is the president's threat to catch intelligence leakers realistic?

What, if anything, can the president actually do about leaks coming from his White House or from the intelligence community?

Former Bush ethics lawyer: Trump's Russia scandal is far worse than Watergate

"This is a 10 right out of the starting gate because it involves our national security and a foreign power."

Trump is insulting John McCain on Twitter because of the controversial Yemen raid

After McCain called the raid a "failure," Trump claimed McCain has been "losing so long he doesn't know how to win anymore."