What you should know about private vs. federal student loans

Which is right for you?

In outraged ruling, judge blocks deportations of asylum seekers facing domestic and gang violence

The plaintiffs of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU are now temporarily protected from deportation while a federal judge considers their case.

Steep obstacles loom as second deadline to reunite immigrant families nears

It seems likely that the government will only be able to reunite about half of the children that a federal judge ordered be reunited by July 26.

5 student loan myths — about forgiveness, repayment, interest and more — that everyone should know

Student loan payment and interest rate confusions abound. Don't fall for these misunderstandings about debt, forgiveness, federal versus private loans and servicers like Navient, Nelnet and OSLA.

Government shutdown: What it is, why it could still happen — and how it could affect you

5 ways a potential government shutdown could affect your money.

Healthy eating guidelines from food pyramids around the world

In a country where french fries count as a vegetable, we could benefit from a little nutritional wisdom.


Catalan officials say vast majority voted for independence amidst violent clash with riot police

Violence broke out Sunday as Spanish police tried to stop Catalan residents from voting for their independence.

‘Beachgate’ will cement Chris Christie’s legacy as another Republican plutocrat in Trump’s America

Photos showing the governor lounging on a beach — one his government shutdown barred taxpayers from entering — all but make Bridgegate a side note in his administration.

Judge blasts Donald Trump's deportation policy as "inhumane" in ruling

Judge Stephen Reinhardt ruled Trump had the power to deport Andres Magana Ortiz, but had a few choice words on the subject.

3 takeaways from Texas' turbulent and disturbing legislative session

Texas' 85th legislative session gaveled to a close with threats of violence — and the fight may not be over.

Protesters fill Texas Capitol to fight SB4, the state's new anti-sanctuary cities law

Hundreds of people entered the Texas House Monday to protest SB4, an anti-sanctuary cities bill.


What's happening in Venezuela? Here's what's behind the country's violent protests.

Citizens are protesting, among other issues, the indefinite suspension of elections that were scheduled to commence in December of last year.

Weird questions to ask Siri: What to say to Siri to make it mad

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Uber just admitted it's trying to dodge police while breaking the law

Uber referred to police trying to enforce the law as "opponents" who "collude" with city officials.

Former congressman Steve Israel will take you from slacktivist to activist in five simple steps

Here are the most effective ways to turn your passion into political change.

7 contradictory quotes from President Trump on Planned Parenthood

The president hasn't always been consistent when it comes to his views on Planned Parenthood.

Iran retaliates against Donald Trump by imposing ban on US travel to Iran

Iran called Trump's travel bans "an obvious insult to the Islamic world and in particular to the great nation of Iran."

Pay less for a home — despite Trump's HUD freeze on FHA mortgage loan insurance discount

Timing is ripe to pull the trigger on your first home purchase. Here's how to avoid getting burned.

Here's why the Trump administration will be good for private prisons — and bad for inmates

Jeff Sessions is a big proponent of private prisons.

How the government funds Planned Parenthood on the state and federal levels

How the healthcare organization receives its much-scrutinized government funds.


Missouri Governor's Race Results 2016 Live: Navy SEAL takes on state attorney general

Democrat Chris Koster has been elected governor of Missouri, early election results show.

This Colorado organization is helping immigrants assimilate

And build a strong, cross-cultural community

George Soros is investing $500M in companies founded by migrants

One giant eff you to Trump's immigration policy.

DNC Email Scandal Is Being Investigated by FBI — Here's the Latest

Hillary Clinton's campaign blames Russian hackers for the DNC email leak.

Baghdad Bombing Death Toll Just Jumped to Nearly 300

Five days later, the death toll is still rising.

New Survey Shows How Canadians Really Feel About Indigenous People — And It's Not Pretty

Turns out Canadians can also be kinda racist.