2h ago

The Montana special election is a chance for Berniecrats to show they can compete

Democrat Rob Quist was competitive even before the body slam — and he hasn't even been going after Trump.

4h ago

The latest CBO score finishes off the already-doomed Republican health care plan

Premiums could rise up to 700% for older Americans.
May 16, 2017

On Tuesday, New York State Assembly is expected to pass single-payer health care bill

New York State is closer than it's ever been to passing single-payer health care — but it still faces a difficult road ahead.
May 15, 2017

The new Miss USA said affordable health care in America is a "privilege," not a right

Miss USA hasn't even had her crown for 24 hours, but she's already in hot water.
May 10, 2017

The GOP rep who ensured the AHCA would pass faced angry constituents at a town hall

The architect of the House GOP's health care compromise was besieged by his own constituents in New Jersey.
May 10, 2017

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares powerful message about postpartum depression after new health care bill

She's definitely not the first celebrity — nor will she probably be the last — to speak out.

May 9, 2017

Iowa Rep. Rod Blum storms out of interview after simple question about donors

Blum walked out of the interview, even as he was surrounded by schoolchildren.
May 7, 2017

Raul Labrador says he only meant ACA repeal won't let ERs toss people into the streets

"The Republican plan does not change that," Labrador clarified on Saturday night.
May 5, 2017
May 4, 2017

Twitter users share their pre-existing conditions after GOP vote to repeal Obamacare

#IAmAPreExistingCondition began trending on Twitter on Thursday.
May 4, 2017

GOP's health care bill passes in the House, heads to the Senate

The bill now heads to the Senate where its fate is uncertain.

May 4, 2017

Trumpcare 2.0 is the same as 1.0 — except it guts coverage of pre-existing conditions

House Republicans will try to repeal Obamacare on Thursday — and if anything, the new bill is harsher than the old one.
April 30, 2017

Here are 3 key takeaways from Donald Trump's 'Face the Nation' interview

Trump sat down with CBS News' John Dickerson on Sunday. Here's what you need to know.
April 26, 2017

Republicans want to nix popular Obamacare provision — but not for themselves or their staff

Republicans want to allow insurance companies to waive Obamacare protections for average Americans, but not themselves.
April 24, 2017

Why Donald Trump is planning an all-out blitz at the end of his first 100 days

For this president, the first 100 days are personal.

April 22, 2017

Meet the everyday scientists, doctors and engineers of NYC's March for Science

Scientists, doctors and grad students alike took to the March for Science to stand in support of evidence-based politics.
April 22, 2017

Paul Ryan says avoiding government shutdown, not repealing Obamacare is current priority

Republicans in Congress are trying to work out a deal to replace the ACA, but don't seem to have made much progress.
April 6, 2017

Hillary Clinton emerges from woods to school male legislators on reproduction

After a hiatus from public life, Clinton came back roaring.
March 30, 2017

Should the government provide all Americans with free health care? Two writers duke it out.

Two writers debate whether the government has a responsibility to provide all Americans with free health care.
March 28, 2017

If Trump wants to save coal country, deregulation isn't the answer

But there are bills currently in Congress that could help.

March 24, 2017

Report: Steve Bannon advised Trump to keep a "shit list" of Republicans who oppose him

Bannon is urging Trump to take names — and Trump is on board.
March 24, 2017

Democratic lawmakers are tweeting just how many of their constituents don't want the AHCA

Democrats are showing how many calls they are getting against the GOP health care plan.
March 24, 2017

What changes will Republicans make to the AHCA? Here's what's proposed.

Nothing is final, but here are the proposed changes to the GOP health care bill set for a vote on Friday.
March 24, 2017

Trump will give up on repealing Obamacare if the House vote fails

The president reportedly delivered the ultimatum late on Thursday, ahead of Friday's rescheduled vote.

March 23, 2017
March 23, 2017
March 23, 2017

What is the Byrd Rule? Congressional procedure could kill Trump's health care plan

The Byrd rule could make the GOP health care bill dead on arrival.
March 23, 2017

Trump's health care bill is desperately unpopular — even among his supporters

The poll found that Republicans who vote for the bill could be in trouble in the 2018 midterm elections.