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American Medical Association and other health groups still oppose the Republican’s health care bill

"This legislation would have a profoundly negative impact on Americans."

How can Republicans vote for the new health care bill if they opposed the old one?

Senators said they could not support cuts to Medicaid two weeks ago. Will that change now?

Senate Republicans exempt themselves from one of the most limiting parts of new health care bill

Republican's don't want to subject themselves to the bill they want to force on the rest of the country.

Senate health care bill: How your premium, deductible and out-of-pocket costs change under the BCRA

The Senate GOP BCRA health care bill — or Better Care Reconciliation Act — in its newest form could increase premiums and other health costs, experts warn.

DOJ charges 412 people for involvement in health care fraud and “opioid scams”

Those facing charges include six doctors in Michigan who plotted to prescribe unneeded opioids.

Senate GOP releases revised health care plan that removes the tax cuts but still slashes Medicaid

The new bill makes small tweaks to the old bill, which didn't have enough Republican support to pass.

The new Republican health care bill looks very similar to the old one

A key Republican senator: "The bill has not changed." So, how will it pass?


Here’s what Ted Cruz’s health care amendment could do to your insurance

Most experts agree that premiums would skyrocket.

These are the front pages undecided GOP senators woke up to this morning

The hometown press is making sure people know that millions will lose insurance if this bill passes.

Trump urges people to get tested for HIV as GOP gears up to cut funding to Medicaid, family planning

The Senate health care bill would put people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States at risk, experts say.

This is why the Republican Senate health care bill may not get a vote.

Things are looking grim for the Republican health care proposal in the Senate.

Senate health care bill CBO score: Here's why your insurance costs could rise under the BCRA

As many as 22 million people could lose their insurance coverage if the Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 makes it into law, and out-of-pocket costs could also rise.

The CBO score says 22 million will lose coverage. Here's why it's actually a lot worse than that.

Republicans wrote the bill so that much of the coverage losses wouldn't be captured by the CBO report.

This mom's viral tweets about her son's medical bills show what's at stake if the ACA is repealed

This mom says that without the ACA, her son wouldn't get the medical care he desperately needs.

Kellyanne Conway: GOP health care plan doesn't cut Medicaid, "able-bodied" need only find work

Finding a job with health care benefits may not be as easy as Conway suggests.

Experts say the Senate health care bill is even worse for poor people than the House bill

Many expected the Senate to moderate the House bill. That didn't happen.

Senate health care bill: Why it raises insurance costs, how much you pay for deductibles and more

How the Senate healthcare bill affects you: It could increase out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and premiums for consumers, and cut people from Medicaid, while lowering plan quality.

Senate health care bill already in trouble as Republicans voice opposition

Four Republican Senators say they will not vote for the health care plan in its current form.

American Health Care Act by the numbers: What to know about Senate Republicans' secret health plan

After drafting the ACA repeal and replace plan behind closed doors, the AHCA is out — and Senate Republican leaders are hoping to vote on it in a week.

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