Here are the candidates squaring off to replace Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Congress

The field includes three Republicans and one Democrat.

Bernie Sanders: Worried about gerrymandering? Start converting Republicans.

Democrats want to pull the party to the right. Sanders says the left can win.

Sally Yates Testimony: 3 key takeaways

Yates proved herself a fierce interlocutor in the face of Republican criticisms.

Democrats are ensuring that Trumpcare will "haunt" House Republicans

In the wake of the AHCA's passage in the House, Democrats smell blood.

What is the White House correspondents' dinner? This is how "nerd prom" got started.

Journalists love to party and the correspondents' dinner proves it.

Trump remains convinced government can be run like a business. Here's why it doesn't work.

Donald Trump is not the first to suggest running the government like a business.

Sonny Perdue becomes second to last member of Trump's Cabinet to be confirmed

Perdue was confirmed to lead the Department of Agriculture on Monday in an 87-11 Senate vote.

Paul Ryan says avoiding government shutdown, not repealing Obamacare is current priority

Republicans in Congress are trying to work out a deal to replace the ACA, but don't seem to have made much progress.

Free trade is back in the crosshairs of Donald Trump’s executive orders. Here’s why.

President Trump is targeting free trade to claim victory on at least one campaign promise in his first 100 days.

Will Donald Trump’s address to Congress have specifics or be just another campaign speech?

Prepare for more big ideas and few specifics on how to execute.

Trump, said to have fired Mike Flynn, called Flynn's firing "unfair." Huh?

Donald Trump's defense of Mike Flynn only created more questions.

Republicans in Congress fear Donald Trump's 'Breitbart'-fueled internet mob

Not many Republican politicians speak out against Donald Trump — because of what happens to those who do.

Professor says Stanford punished her for sexual harassment complaint

Stanford has a dubious record in its handling of sexual harassment and assault accusations.

Two historians explain why you should care when Donald Trump ditches journalists

When Donald Trump ditches journalists, he cuts the link Americans have to the leader of the free world.

Bernie Sanders says Steve Bannon is a "racist individual," calls for his ouster

Sen. Bernie Sanders called on Donald Trump to remove Steve Bannon from his White House administration.

Paul Ryan renominated House Speaker in a unanimous vote

Paul Ryan will be House Speaker of the 115th Congress.

How many seats do the Democrats need to win the House of Representatives?

Democrats have a heavy lift to take control of the House.

This 1964 Presidential Campaign Ad Is Going Viral Because It Uncannily Applies to Trump

"Now it seems to me we're up against a very different kind of a man."

11 Quirky Things You Never Knew About America's Presidents

Like, why Abe Lincoln decided to grow a beard.


Obamacare Isn't Romneycare, and the GOP Didn't Invent It

Pushing the idea that Affordable Care Act based on a GOP idea is misdirection at its best, and is designed to give you the idea that the GOP just wants to argue about the name.

The GOP's Key to Stopping the Tea Party? Democrats

The intransigence of the Tea Party Republicans can only be stopped if Democrats help to elect more moderate Republicans.

Farm Bill 2013: A Preemptive Bailout For Agribusiness

House Republicans have just tried to get a bill passed that would boost the taxpayer-subsidized crop insurance program, but with one huge drawback: the omission of food stamps for the poor.

Families Don't Need to Balance Their Budgets Every Month — and Neither Should the U.S.

Yes, we need to focus on our long-term fiscal future — but comparing a country with a $14 trillion GDP to the budget of a family of four just shows economic illiteracy.

Obama Is Following the Same Economic Policies That Made the Great Depression Last For Years

Another economic report shows a recovery that never was. Growth will continue to stall so long as Obama takes his cues from Hoover, Roosevelt and Carter instead of Harding, Coolidge and Reagan.


6 Politicians You Never Knew Had Tattoos

The perception of tattoos has changed dramatically over the years, but how do our views on them change when they show up on our civil leaders?

White House Correspondents' Scholars: Exceptional College Students Awarded Scholarships

Gail King and First Lady Michelle Obama greet the scholars chosen for the White House Correspondents' Association scholarship.

FAA Furlough Bill: White House Caves While Republicans Score

In an embarrassing press conference, the White House admits defeat over holding the FAA hostage through sequester cuts as Republicans spring into action to fix debilitating delays.

GOP Civil War: Whites Aren't Voting Republican Anymore, So Who Can They Rely On Now?

The GOP can no longer rely on Southerners and the white working class to deliver presidential elections. Republicans need to appeal to minority voters, or it's over.