Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio's Immigration Stance Will Help Him, But What About the Rest of the GOP?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has broken GOP orthodoxy and proposed a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. It will help his political ambitions, but what will it do to the Republican Party?


Obama Inauguration Parade Fun Facts: FDR Actually Cancelled His Parade

An interesting timeline about the history of the Presidential inaugural parade – firsts, cancellations, and weird tidbits.

From Class Warfare to Big Government, This 1925 Inauguration Speech Echos the Problems Obama Faces Today

Calvin Coolidge, in his inauguration speech, touched on many of the problems still being debated in America today.

Debt Ceiling Showdown: Boehner Will Cave On Spending Cuts Again

There is zero chance that the Democrats would (or will) agree to a deal that seriously cuts $1 for every $1 increase in the debt ceiling.

Marco Rubio is Going Bald

'Esquire' magazine 'outed' Florida Senator Marco Rubio's hair 'problem.' OMG Marco Rubio is going bald. So is Prince William, and he still married Kate Middleton.

Obama Second Term: Expect More Government Spending, Less Economic Growth

Herbert Hoover greatly increased government spending and raised taxes on higher earners. Obama plans to follow the same blue print in a second term.


Jobs Crisis: Data Shows Obama Stopped Economic Freefall

Republicans obstructed what would have added hundreds of thousands of new jobs per month this year, and need to be held responsible now.

Mitt Romney Dressage Horse and 6 Other Famous Political Pets

Ann Romney's horse, Rafalca, which qualified for the 2012 Olympics, is the most recent example of several interesting stories involving political figures and their pets.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Psych Disorder Is a Political Issue We Should Worry About

As history has shown, the standard rules of health etiquette can't always apply to high-ranking public officials.

Wait, What Happens to Eric Holder if He is Found in Contempt By Congress?

The House of Representatives will likely vote Thursday on a resolution to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failure to comply with a subpoena.

10 Richest Presidents of All Time: Where Does Mitt Romney Stack Up to the Wealthiest?

Much fanfare has been made about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s considerable wealth this election cycle. Where would he stand among the ten wealthiest if elected into office?

Prince Fielder Reaches $214M 9-Yr Deal with Detroit Tigers; Are Top Athletes Overpaid?

With the Texas Rangers in 2000, baseball star Alex Rodriguez earned higher than the 2000 median household income with each swing of his bat. Are America's top athletes grossly overpaid?