3 of the Central Park 5 men just received honorary high school diplomas

All of the men in the Central Park Five will receive the diplomas they were denied after their wrongful convictions as teenagers.

15-year-old Zakara Blanding just got a college degree before she even finished high school

Zakara Blanding is only 15 but she's already got a college degree.

More than 2 million millennials aren't in school or working — and most are white and male

The Census Bureau data also found that 70 million millennials are living at home.

Here are the 11 highest-paying jobs you can get without a college degree

These professions command above-average salaries and don't require a bachelor's.

After Surviving a Kidnapping 2 Years Ago, This Woman Just Got Her High School Diploma

Iasia Sweeting received was nearly starved to death.


A D.C. Teenager Just Shattered Every Stereotype About the Homeless

This girl is going places.

There's Actually Some Good News About the State of Education in the U.S. For a Change

Finally, a trend the U.S. can be proud of .


The Only Thing More Expensive Than College is Not Going to College

College degrees pay off in the long-run, a new report shows.

This 99-Year-Old Gives the Saying 'Better Late Than Never' a Whole New Meaning

It took Audrey Crabtree over 80 years to achieve a goal most of us complete in our teenage years. Now she feels finally satisfied. And "so much smarter."

Pay It Forward Plan: Oregon's Student Debt Solution is Creative, But Is it Feasible?

Ultimately, tuition-free college still doesn't solve student debt. But it does help.

Student Debt 2013: Why College is the Worst Investment Ever

Thanks to high tuition and arbitrary requirements for employment, college is hurting and costing millennials.

The GED is An Epic Fail, But Not For the Reason You Think

The only nationally recognized alternative to a high school diploma has no brand value. This is an epic failure of marketing, and those who pass the test every year are suffering.


Education and Entrepreneurship: SOTU 2013

What makes a successful nation? It's entrepreneurship for jobs and education for children.

January Jobs Report Shows Young Workers Falling Further Behind With Serious Long Term Consequences

Millennial unemployment shot over 13% in January. The U.S. economy 10 years down the line could be negatively impacted by the youth jobless rate we see today.

Getting a College Degree is Actually Worth It if You Make the Most of It

As student loan debts increase, many millennials are asking themselves if college is really worth it. The answer is yes — if you're willing to invest in yourself.

U.S. Green Card Lottery Scam Proves the Immigration Process is Anything but Fair

A personal account about the unfair nature of the annual U.S. green card lottery system. The whole thing is a scam.

Supreme Court Declares "School" Individual Mandate Unconstitutional [Satire]

In a rare display of nerd-jock bipartisanship, U.S. school-aged children rallied to overturn the controversial government mandate that all children must attend school.


America Needs Evolution, Not Revolution

We don't need a 60s-style peoples' movement or to "go back" to the 50s. Right now, America is socially stuck in first gear, going nowhere.