This Week in Trump-Russia News: Trump takes action against his critics as Manafort verdict looms

Trump revokes Brennan's security clearance while a jury considers Manafort's fate.

Omarosa’s allegations against Trump set up another battle of unreliable narrators

Omarosa and Michael Cohen have made powerful allegations against Trump in recent weeks. But everyone involved has credibility issues.

Trump renews attacks on “clowns and losers” of the FBI in Twitter rant

The president cryptically threatened to "get involved" in group's bid to obtain former FBI official Andrew McCabe's text messages.

Roger Stone associate held in contempt for refusing to appear before Mueller grand jury

Andrew Miller defied a subpoena after mounting an unsuccessful challenge to Mueller's authority.

“Manhattan Madam” to testify before Mueller’s grand jury in Trump-Russia probe

The tabloid fixture might be questioned about her longtime associate Roger Stone.

Trump actually admits meeting with Russians was to get dirt on Hillary Clinton

The president conflicted his past statements by admitting the meeting was about getting information on Clinton.

FEC: Elon Musk contributed thousands to conservative PAC

The revelation has called into question Musk's reputation as a critic of Trump.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Trump still rips Mueller probe, even as indictments pile up

Mueller caught more witches as Republicans attacked FBI's Strzok.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Cohen-watch continues as Mueller beefs up investigation

Also this week, Michael Cohen suggested he may flip, a bipartisan Senate panel confirmed Russia meddled in support of Trump and Jim Jordan faces a tidal wave of scrutiny in sexual abuse scandal.

Trump is still casting doubt on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, ahead of Putin meeting

His latest remarks come weeks before he's set to meet with Putin in Helsinki.

This week in Trump-Russia news: The IG report is Trump’s latest weapon in his battle with Mueller

Trump goes on the attack, Manafort goes to jail and Cohen reportedly considers flipping.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Beg your pardon, but Mueller isn’t done with Manafort yet

Manafort faced new charges as Trump floated the power to pardon himself.

Trump repeats claim FBI spied on his campaign in seething Twitter rant about “criminal deep state”

"SPYGATE could be one of the biggest political scandals in history!"

Behind closed doors, Trump joked about ending term limits for U.S. presidents

At a private fundraiser, Trump wondered if Hillary Clinton is "happy" and praised China's potential move to end presidential term limits.

This week in Trump-Russia news: Robert Mueller removes all doubt on Russian interference

Trump says the indictments prove there was "no collusion." They don't.

This week in Trump-Russia news: Here’s what’s wrong with the overhyped Nunes memo

We read it so you don't have to.


Trump has been commander-in-chief for a year. Here’s how he’s used the military so far.

He's expanded existing conflicts — and threatened to get the U.S. into new ones.

This week in Trump-Russia news: Bannon lawyers up, gets ready to take the hot seat

Bannon called an infamous 2016 meeting between Trump officials and Russians "treasonous."

This week in Trump-Russia news: Is the case for obstruction of justice getting stronger?

Trump says "everything I've done is 100% proper." A report this week suggests otherwise.

Donald Trump believes women — as long as they’re accusing his enemies of wrongdoing

Trump’s response to Lauer, Franken misconduct allegations underscores his history of hypocrisy.

Sean Hannity is Fox News’ chief conspiracy theorist — and Shepard Smith its voice of reason

Fox News' Shepard Smith and Sean Hannity are treating Trump's presidency very differently — but only one is being rewarded for it.

How a 2014 Supreme Court ruling helped the Clinton camp move money from state parties

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile has accused the Clinton campaign of exerting influence over the party through fundraising agreements, but the Roberts court may share some of the blame.

Donna Brazile blasts DNC for helping Clinton — but the party’s problems run much deeper

Members of the DNC have been complaining for years about backroom deals and shady practices, now they're finally being heard.

Trump attacked Hillary and the media ahead of Mueller news. Of course he did.

Trump has a pattern of going after Clinton and others when a major development is about to break in the Russia probe.

5 questions for top Democrats after the latest revelations about the Russia dossier

Reports show the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee helped finance a dossier about Trump's activities in Russia. Did top Democrats lie to Congress about what they knew?

Report: Trump ally wanted Assange to help them obtain Clinton emails

Both Cambridge Analytica and Assange have been scrutinized for their role in Russia's election interference.

Trump says he’s a “victim” after report that DNC, Clinton campaign partly funded Russia dossier

"The victim here is the President,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

Poll: A majority of Democrats want the party to move left and oppose its leadership

The poll also finds that Sen. Bernie Sanders maintains his position as the country's most popular major politician.

House Republicans announce new Russia investigation — into an Obama-era uranium deal

The House Intelligence Committee chairman says he'll look into "Russia's involvement" in an Obama-era uranium deal.

Trump again hits Sessions in early morning Twitter rant against Comey

"Where is Justice Dept.?" Trump asks.