‘Pokémon Go’ New Pokémon in Parks: Nest Migration 25 notification sent out — here’s why that matters

On Thursday, the 'Pokémon Go' app sent out a push notification alerting players to the 25th nest migration, telling them to head to a park to find new Pokémon.


Why many "lawful" Mexican immigrants don't become US citizens, even when they're allowed to

The path to citizenship may be harder than you think.

Trump to continue DACA, Obama's program for childhood arrivals

Trump has called the Dreamers "incredible kids."

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 23: How to track changing spawn locations after the update

The 23rd nest migration in 'Pokémon Go' history has just occurred during the anniversary event. If you're not too distracted by all of those fire and ice types, here's what you can expect to change.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 20: How to track changing spawn locations after the update

The 20th nest migration for 'Pokémon Go' has happened. If you don't know what that means or need a refresher, keep reading.

May Day 2017: Why immigrant labor is more important now than ever

American immigrants have more economic power than ever before.


Half of immigrants arrested in February had traffic violations or no criminal record

Most people with offenses had traffic offenses.

20 are arrested during protests against ICE's detention of undocumented activists

An immigrant rights activist was detained on his way to the courthouse to get a charge against him dismissed.

A Trump voter's undocumented husband was just deported to Mexico

"I wish I didn't vote at all," she said.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 18: How to track changing spawn locations after the update

Nest migration 18 has occurred in 'Pokémon Go'. If you need a quick refresher on checking spawn locations, we're here for you.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 18: When will the next spawn location changes occur?

All signs point to Niantic rolling out another 'Pokémon Go' nest migration tomorrow, April 6.


More people have overstayed their visas than have illegally crossed the border since 2007

A new report calls Trump's border wall into question.

What is merit-based immigration? How Donald Trump wants to change U.S. immigration

Trump said he wants a "merit-based" immigration system. What does that mean?

13 photos of businesses and workers across the US honoring #ADayWithoutImmigrants

Consumers are quickly learning that an America without immigrants is, indeed, no America at all.

ICE Raids 2017: Latest news on immigration raids that resulted in 680 arrests last week

Homeland security secretary John F. Kelly called the raids a series of "targeted enforcement operations."

ICE detains 160 immigrants in Southern California raids spanning five days

A Homeland Security spokesperson said the operation was "routine," but the raids feel ominous in Trump's America.


Jeff Sessions on Immigration: Here are the 11 times he voted against immigration reform

He's a fierce opponent of comprehensive immigration reform.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 13: Community prepares for the upcoming spawn location changes

Tips and tricks from the best Pokémon nest hunters ahead of 'Pokémon Go' nest migration 13.

Trump supporters threaten Budweiser boycott over "pro-immigrant" Super Bowl ad

The far right is throwing a tantrum over a Super Bowl ad — definitely don't call them snowflakes, though.

Brooklyn restaurant receipt reminds us that we have immigrants to thank for great food and service

"Immigrants make America great" is the new "Thank you, please come again."

1965 Immigration and Nationality Act: What it is — and how Dems can use it against Trump

This 1965 bill has transformed the U.S. over the past 52 years — and could be a key to opposing Trump's Muslim ban.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 12: How to prepare for spawn location changes

Prepare for new 'Pokémon Go' nest migrations by taking advantage of the previous one.

H1B, H2B, E3 Visas and Green Cards: What's the difference, and how could they change under Trump?

The legal immigration system could be getting a major overhaul.

'Pokémon Go' nest locations change again: How to help track the update

'Pokémon Go' nest locations change again. You can make the game better by reporting your sightings.

Police departments decline to help Trump administration execute deportation plans

The Los Angeles and Denver police departments will not enforce federal immigration law.

Will my visa be revoked? Here's what Donald Trump's deportation plan looks like

At this point, it's hard to predict.


'Pokémon Go' nest location changes and updates: The sixth nest migration has arrived

Having trouble catching the Pokémon you're looking for in 'Pokémon Go'? The newest nest location update might give you a hand up.

Latina journalist Maria Hinojosa shuts down Trump adviser on "illegals"

"What you cannot do is to label the person illegal," Hinojosa told Trump adviser Steve Cortes on MSNBC's 'AM Joy.'

'Pokémon Go' nest location updates and changes: Players tip off new migration

'Pokémon Go' trainers share migration updates as their favorite nests keep moving.

Here’s where Mike Pence and Tim Kaine stand on immigration

There's a stark divide on the issue.