Nearly half of LGBTQ employees are not out at work. One out leader hopes to change that from within.

More than 30% of LGBTQ individuals surveyed reported feeling depressed or unhappy at work.

Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo announce US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

The withdrawal came one day after the UNHRC chief called the Trump administration's immigration policy "unconscionable."

This new MacArthur “genius” has changed the way Taco Bell and Burger King treat farmers

Greg Asbed has spent decades defending food workers' rights, including protecting women from sexual assault in the field.

Democratic senator calls for removal of Education Dept. civil rights head for sexual assault comment

The acting assistant secretary for civil rights said 90% of sexual assault cases can be attributed to alcohol.

Belgium’s burqa ban is in the spirit of integration — here’s why it could backfire

”The reasoning behind the court’s decision has nothing to do with integration.”

Who is Rinat Akhmetshin? Meet the Soviet spy-turned-lobbyist who met with Donald Trump Jr. in 2016.

The former Soviet spy has been accused of organizing a hacking scheme against a Russian mining company.


Report: Donald and Ivanka Trump companies use law firm run by Philippine government official

The report once again raises significant questions about Trump's myriad conflicts of interest.

Republicans propose amendment to ban Department of Defense from funding transition surgery

The amendment would bar funds from being used for surgeries or therapy deemed medically necessary.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is reportedly dead, but ISIS is alive and well

While the caliphate has been substantially weakened in Syria and Iraq, the political conditions that helped ISIS to form haven't changed.

Mike Pence got handsy at NASA and people made some incredible memes

The vice president ignored a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign, and the internet couldn't get enough.

New law in Germany requires social media sites to remove hate speech

Facebook isn't happy about the new law.

Judge blocks parts of Indiana abortion law targeting minors

The injunction is seen as a win for abortion rights advocates.

Supreme Court will hear case of baker who refused service to gay couples on religious grounds

The Supreme Court will take on the case of a bakery owner who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple.

Poland makes emergency contraception a prescription-only drug — even for rape survivors

There's a relatively small time frame in which emergency contraception is effective. Requiring prescriptions may mean many Polish women will go without.

Tomi Lahren wants to rally women to her side after criticizing feminists and "pro-choicers"

"My view on abortion is not black-and-white," Lahren said.

These 5 states are drafting laws to limit protests on college campuses

The legislation is intended to protect free speech on campus.


Federal judge blocks deportations of Iraqi Christians

The ACLU celebrated the decision as a "life-saving action" temporarily keeping Chaldean Christians from facing religious persecution in Iraq.

The ACLU is suing the Washington, D.C., police for violating the rights of Trump inaugural detainees

The plaintiffs' claims range from unconstitutional arrests to unjustified cavity searches.

European court rules Russia's gay propaganda rule violates freedom of expression

Russian activists won a victory in a European court.

New York’s Human Rights Division is investigating Fox News, attorney says

"This is, to me, a problem that’s been hiding in plain sight for a long time," said civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom.

Bernie Sanders says Alexandria shooting seems to be tied to suppression of free speech

"Every American has got to stand up against any form of violence," Sanders said on CBS News' 'Face the Nation.'


Trump announces sweeping changes to U.S.-Cuba policy in speech

Trump's speech announced sweeping changes to Obama's newly enacted Cuba policies.

UN claims US-led coalition air strikes in Raqqa, Syria, killed 300 civilians in March

U.N. investigators arrived at their assessment through interviews with survivors and witnesses in the region.

Employees at Ivanka Trump's Indonesian factory allege verbal abuse and paltry wages

One woman only sees her children once a month because she can't afford to raise them on her meager wages.

How Vanita Gupta became the DOJ's unsung hero at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement

Vanita Gupta spent years overseeing the federal probes into police shooting cases. Now, as head of the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights, she's a leader in the Trump resistance.

Tillerson acknowledges LGBT Pride Month even though Trump and the White House haven't

President Trump remains uncommonly silent.


Police identify person of interest in killing of black trans woman Kenne McFadden

McFadden was initially misgendered when she died in April.

Women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul arrested in Saudi Arabia

Authorities have not explained why the arrested al-Hathloul, but Amnesty International believes it has to do with her women's rights activism.

Amal Clooney and actor husband announce birth of twins

Please welcome the two newest Clooneys.

The US may withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council

Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, claims the council "whitewashes" brutality.