Stories That Pay Off: How much money a #spon post can actually make you on Instagram

Plus, what to know before you try to monetize your own.

4 ways to make money on Instagram

You don't even have to be an influencer.

Beyoncé just endorsed Beto O’Rourke at the last minute

Beyoncé Instagrammed herself wearing a "Beto for Senate" hat on Election Day.

A guide to India’s color cities, Jaipur and Jodhpur — and what to eat, see and do when you’re there

The pink and blue cities of India offer more than an Instagram opportunity: Their rich histories and delicious delicacies are just part of what make them bucket-list destinations.

How Pierre A. M’pelé is working to bring “true journalism” back to fashion

"I’m really trying to give them the most objective vision of fashion as possible," Pierre A. M'pele says about his new magazine 'SCRNSHT.'

Hype Daily: Laverne Cox responds to Trump’s anti-trans memo and more entertainment news

"Trans folks need everyone to stand with us in this fight," Cox wrote.

A look into Facebook’s fake news “War Room” reveals the company’s plans to tackle misinformation

The social media juggernaut has given journalists a glimpse into their fight on fake news.

The emotional and financial costs of wedding dress shopping as a plus-size bride

How broken is an industry where the majority of its customers are too big for its dresses?

At Japanese restaurant Zauo, diners “fish” for their own dinner

The lobsters, along with rockfish and flounder, are caught using a hook rod, not unlike a claw crane at an arcade, intended to simulate fishing.

Meet @HauteLeMode, the creator of fashion’s most viral and incisive memes

"I know I’m not ever going to get invited to 'Vogue' or get 'W' magazine to do an interview with me because I upset the balance of what they do.”

Tiny houses are the next big thing in travel

Some travel to escape their miniscule apartments, others will fly across the country to live in a 260-square-foot space.


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Whoa, Vicky: How an 18-year-old girl turned controversy into cash

Woah Vicky is one of many social media stars who’ve raised themselves to prominence thanks to an eye-catching gimmick, shrewd use of “controversy” media coverage and conflict with other influencers.

This week in food and travel: A first look at the new Toy Story Land at Disney World

Toy Story Land opens at Disney World, experts weigh in on celeb-endorsed lollipops and detox tea, and more.

Experts weigh in on the lollipops, detox teas and hair gummies that have taken over Instagram

Celebrity-endorsed products like appetite suppressants and hair vitamins are everywhere on social media. But do they actually work?

This week in food and travel: Expert tips for solo travel

We spoke to travel journalist Stephanie Rosenbloom — who’s been going on trips for one for more than a decade — about her top tips for solo travel.

If you didn’t Instagram your vacation, were you really there? One writer finds out

To experience the Caribbean as it was intended, one writer pledged to stay off email, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter for the entirety of her trip.

Here’s who to follow on Instagram for the best 2018 Met Gala red carpet coverage

From stylists to designers to makeup artists, here's who to follow on Monday night.

Orthorexia is an eating disorder fueled by Instagram, but Instagram may be the best place to recover

The dangerous journey into “wellness” Instagram.

Are you guilty of spending money you don’t have to hang out with friends?

Nearly 40% of millennials take on debt to keep up with friends, according to a recent survey. Here's how to cut down on social spending without having to feel like you're missing out.

After an Instagram influencer dons a T-shirt with a gun motif, a backlash begins

The T-shirt showed a sketch of a gun with the words: "F*ck what they say"

Meet the woman using Instagram to show the truth of what disability looks like — and self-love too

Imogen May is leading the fight to make sure people with disabilities are represented.

How the internet’s favorite rainbow pasta came to be

Linda Miller Nicholson of Salty Seattle began experimenting with vegetable-dyed pastas because of her son's picky eating habits.

Alton Brown: “Instagram has done to food what porn has done to sex”

America's impossible beauty standards have led to unrealistic expectations in food — and a lot of waste.

On Instagram, the travel industry looks overwhelmingly white. Meet the influencers changing it up.

These influential photographers, writers and entrepreneurs want to showcase true diversity in the travel industry.

A new short film proves everyone takes the exact same travel photos on Instagram

This eye-opening video is beautiful — but might also make you feel a little ashamed.

An “Instagram butler” is a real job, and they’ll make sure your photos incite vacation envy

At these romantic resorts, you can have professional help with capturing the best Instagrams.

It’s time to talk about Laura Dern’s earnest, sweet and spectacular Instagram

The brightest light on Instagram, without a doubt.

The genius behind those geometric pies you’re seeing everywhere? She has zero culinary experience.

A sharp knife and a healthy dose of creativity earned her more than 60,000 Instagram followers.